Keeping in Touch with Temptation

Keeping in Touch with Temptation

After a successful run at the Lion and Unicorn, Tempt Theatre are taking Keeping in Touch with Temptation to the Camden Fringe Festival

We did it!

On 21st Jul 2014 we successfully raised £515 of £500 target with 17 supporters in 28 days

After a successful run at the Lion and Unicorn in Kentish Town, Tempt Theatre are taking Keeping in Touch with Temptation to the Camden Fringe Festival at The Poor School, King's Cross on 15th, 16th & 17th August, 2014.

Tempt Theatre was born out of KDC Theatre one of the main amateur theatre groups serving central London. We had nine weeks to devise a play, write the script, and rehearse before performing at the Lion and Unicorn. We did it, and people loved it; it was great to be able to share something that we had created ourselves. We had the best time, and got such amazing feedback that we didn't want that to be it, so here we are, and we'd really like you help so that we can share it again as part of the Camden Fringe.

Keeping in Touch with Temptation

Beautifully presented and unnervingly current, this provocative play explores our increasing unease with intimacy and the evolving nature of modern technology. Dive into this stylish imagining of what could happen with technology that already exists. Audiences have been buzzing about the concepts explored in this piece and this is your chance to get involved in the debate.

                                                    This photo was taken in the dress rehearsal. It shows Aurora lashing out at a group of people as she has become very disturbed by the sharing technology.

Keeping in Touch with Temptation follows a variety of characters' experiences with TimeSharing. Aurora was the first but will she ever come back to reality? Portia traps celebrities and exposes their secrets from the inside. All she has to do to protect herself is avoid mirrors, windows or anything reflective, but one person knows her true identity. Then there's Alice, Andy, Mary and Mike. Are they sharing swingers or is it a case of mistaken identity? Meet Dr. Ronnie Green and his twin brother Ray; the founders and developers of TimeSharing. Have they gone a step too far? Should a new development in the technology, by Dr. Shelly, be buried for the sake of humanity? Tim has an executive fan, Frank, who has full rights and ownership over Tim's feed. Frank lives through Tim and pushes him to his moral limits but what are his real motives?

                                                             This shows Dr Shelley and Annie in an embrace. They have a rather complicated relationship as Annie is helping another Dr with his research by being a vessle of communication for him. Dr Shelley becomes confused about who he is speaking to and spending time with.

We have the venue, we have the dates, we are on the website but now we really need your help to get the show on the road!  

We are asking you to donate as little as £5 to help us have a set to sit in, a roof over our heads and so we can advertise the heck out of it so we have an audience to play to. We will use your generous donations to rent our rehearsal spaces, pay for Camden Fringe fees, hire the set, transport, for printing costs, and advertising!

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                                                     This shows Mike about to use a share band to spy on soem of his good friends as a joke, but it all goes a bit pear shaped!    


                                                               xx    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!   xx


                                                      This is another group photo like the first except we're all smiling nicely and it is in black and white.

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