Keeping Gift's dream of a brighter future alive

Keeping Gift's dream of a brighter future alive


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Started on 3rd June 2020 Whitley Bay, England, United Kingdom

We are raising funds to buy Gift a laptop and ensure the Coronavirus doesn’t stop him from achieving his dreams.

Brighter Futures Zambia is a small charity that makes a big difference to orphans and vulnerable children in Zambia. Our mission is to help them complete their education and live happier, healthier and safer lives. 

Our sponsorship programme gives them the chance to go to school and build a better future:

When Gift joined our programme in 2012 at 12 years old, he was at risk of having to drop out of school altogether. Instead, sponsorship took away the burden of finding money to pay for school fees and uniforms and gave Gift the space to thrive.

Gift's story

A hard working and talented student, Gift did extremely well at school and earned himself a coveted bursary to study banking and finance at Copperbelt University in northern Zambia. However, due to the Coronavirus, Zambian universities have had to shut their doors, with all study moving online.

Gift is really struggling with the move to online study. He does not have a laptop and is currently using his phone but finding it almost impossible as all his coursework must be typed. Now that he also has to access his classes and reading online he is struggling with both functionality and the cost of talk time.

With part time jobs nearly impossible to come by, and his bursary only covering tuition costs, Gift simply doesn’t have the money to buy the laptop and WiFi connection he needs to continue his studies. 

We want to ensure that all the hard work that Gift has put in so far does not go to waste and that he doesn’t fall behind with his studies or, even worse, be forced to drop out of University. 

Gift's family is struggling to make ends meet and Gift wants to do everything he can to help his mother and grandmother. Despite old age and not having a proper house, his grandmother still works by picking stones and selling them. Gift and his siblings sleep in chairs as there aren’t enough beds for them in their house.

In Gift's words

"I am really grateful for the support ... if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have achieved anything in life... just for me to acquire the loan for school was a challenge but thank God I managed.  I had to work to make money for my registration at school and I used some of the money I earned to get a phone. However the phone has limited space and even though I have tried hard to maintain my studies I have been really struggling".

Your Donation

Brighter Futures Zambia is therefore asking you to donate to the fund to buy Gift a laptop and pay for his internet connection for the coming terms so that he can continue studying and finish his degree, hence enabling him to get a job and support his family.

Our fundraising target of £500 is not huge, so even small donations could really make a difference. 

If we’re successful and we exceed our donation target, all the extra money will go towards other valuable Brighter Futures Zambia charitable causes. 

A little bit about us

Brighter Futures Zambia works to provide orphaned and vulnerable children in Zambia with a happier, healthier and safer present – plus a more secure and fulfilling future.

We are a UK based charity founded by sisters Katie and Jennie who were inspired by their trips to the area where they met and worked with the Buntolo group who provide care for children (especially those affected by HIV/AIDS). BFZ was set up to raise funds and support for the Buntolo group and other projects working with children and their carers in Zambia.

For more information on BFZ and our work please visit our Facebook page or our website


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Best of luck with your studies Gift!

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Brilliant cause!

13th June 2020 at 9:33pm
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Good luck at university!

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