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Keeping disabled children moving

by The MOVE Partnership in Enham Alamein, England, United Kingdom


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To give profoundly disabled children and young people improved quality of life by learning independent movement.

by The MOVE Partnership in Enham Alamein, England, United Kingdom

The MOVE Partnership is a small, UK based charity that helps profoundly disabled children and young people to have a dramatically improved quality of life by learning independent movement.

We offer movement opportunities to disabled children through the MOVE Programme, enabling them to access the world around them. We are a small charity with a huge reach. We work with 1,050 children in 115 special schools across the UK; yet there is still so much to do. 

Why we exist

There are currently over 150,000 physically disabled children in the UK, with almost 11,000 of these having profound and multiple learning disabilities. The number of children with complex disabilities continues to rise dramatically due to advances in medical care. Schools are having to do more for less; providing education and care for the growing population of children with more complex needs on ever decreasing budgets. 

How we help—The MOVE Programme

The MOVE Programme is an activity based practice that uses the combined approach of education, therapy and family knowledge to teach the skills of sitting, standing and walking. The programme’s central philosophy is that movement is the foundation for learning. A toddler just learning to walk learns about their environment by moving and exploring, and by using every opportunity to practice skills repeatedly. We use the same principles to teach disabled children how to move.  

The programme is built around 6 steps that are used collaboratively in all aspects of a child’s life, throughout their day, by all of the people that work and live with them. The child and their family are placed at the centre of the programme and it is their goals that the team focus on. By doing this, the MOVE Programme has a profoundly positive impact on their life. 

Just one story of the difference MOVE makes for families:

“My daughter Olivia has been on the MOVE Programme since September 2017. When she first started, she crawled everywhere, and would only very occasionally pull herself up to stand. I always thought she was happy as she was, but now that she has lots more independence, she seems so much happier

Olivia has gone from not being able to sit on a normal chair, to sitting on it and getting on and off by herself. This has massive benefits for her family and social life. She can also walk unaided and walks quite comfortably holding someone’s hand. I remember when she started school, I said I would love for Olivia to be able to walk on a beach with me, something I wasn’t sure she would ever do, but she can do it now!

The MOVE Programme has also improved our home life. Olivia can crawl up stairs now, which is amazing as she is quite heavy and my back suffered for carrying her so much before. The MOVE Programme has given us the opportunity to see our wonderful daughter blossom, not only physically but emotionally too. We are very proud of her and how far she has come over such a short period of time.”

We need your support

Disabled children need your support now more than ever. Many children with complex disabilities and medical needs are still shielding and unable to return to school, and for those that have, physiotherapy provision is limited. We are currently working in new ways so our MOVE Practitioners across the country can support these children and their families who are experiencing a very difficult, isolated and uncertain time. Your support can help us to provide much-needed virtual support sessions, online training and webinars, as well as providing support for schools to ensure every child is accessing vital movement opportunities.

Thank you so much.




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