Keeping Cadets Communicating

by Pete. in Leicester, England, United Kingdom

Keeping Cadets Communicating
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To raise funds for my cadet detachment to supply radios to enhance their training, and keep them engaged.

by Pete. in Leicester, England, United Kingdom


I’m Pete, I’m an Army veteran having served 10 years, 6 in the Royal Signals and 4 in the QARANC (Nursing Corps). 

Cadets Situation

Since leaving the Army I joined the Army Cadet Force as a civilian assistant. Having been a cadet myself and then a Territorial Army soldier and ultimately a regular soldier, I believe I have a good idea of what attracts people to uniformed organisations.

By talking to cadets it confirmed what I already thought, however it’s not being delivered, cadets are becoming bored and we’ve had a lot leave from our detachment. 

The Cadet Force

The Cadets is one of the oldest, biggest and most successful youth organisations in the country. It helps kids from all walks of life with real life transferable skills, qualifications, values and standards. Most of all it helps with their self esteem and confidence. They also have unique opportunities such as military exercises, shooting, adventurous training and trips abroad to name but a few. 

This is what attracts kids to us and sets us apart from other youth groups.

What I’m doing

There’s a lot I’m already trying to implement to deliver training that’s more fun and interesting, however, training is always more engaging when they have something they can get their hands on. 

How you can help

So on that note I’d like to get my detachment some personal radios. It adds an extra element to several lessons such as first aid and field craft and obviously signals. It gives us an opportunity to combine lessons like these into “real world” scenarios. 

This, with feed back from the cadets is the type of thing they like to do, the type of thing they’ll tell their mates and they’ll want to do, the type of thing they can’t do in other youth organisations. 

£185 will get my detachment 10 radios and basic ancillilaries, this is what is going to change the face of our training. 

£ would provide 10 radios, 10 headsets and advanced ancillaries. 

If you have questions please do not hesitate to message me. 

You would not believe how much my cadets would appreciate your help and how much it will boost their spirits. 

Thanks in advance, Pete

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