#KeepGovanCrafting: older people's Craft Cafes

Project by Impact Arts

Scottish arts charity Impact Arts are raising money to secure the future of Craft Cafe arts workshops for older people in Govan, Glasgow

We did it!

On 26th Mar 2018 we successfully raised £3,590 with 87 supporters in 28 days

#KeepGovanCrafting: Help Impact Arts continue to deliver arts workshops for older people in Govan, Glasgow

Craft Cafe is a vital community resource for older people in Govan. Three days a week, it offers an opportunity for over-60s to engage their creativity, learn new artistic skills and socialise with community members their own age.

As well as the benefits of working with a professional artist on painting, printmaking, crafts, design, textiles, ceramics and more, the service has proven health benefits for its members.

Having a regular place to go is fundamental in helping break down social isolation, which has a proven negative effect upon health.

At an age when bereavement often causes the breakdown of support networks, Craft Cafe offers older people in the community the chance to strengthen bonds, make friendships and find a rewarding relationship

with the arts later in life.

Due to funding pressures, the service is now at risk. 

With support from a major fund coming to the end of its cycle, Craft Cafe in Govan is currently not funded beyond March 2018. In order to secure the funding for the salary of our artist-in-residence, we will need to raise £12,000, and find the rest through match funding.

Any donations would be gratefully received - here are some quotes from Craft Cafe members about what the service means to them:

“If it wasn’t for the Craft Cafe, local older people would have nowhere to go.”

“This place means everything to me. It means I have a purpose in life, which I did not have before. I feel like I am coming home again when I come to this group.”

"“It gives me a reason to get up in the morning."

“The Craft Cafe gives me a target, a reason to get up and out, and helps stop feelings of loneliness.”

“This project saved my life.”

“This is a very genuine and unique place! It inspires me. If you have depression you stay under the covers but this place has given me a new lease of life, I feel emotional saying this but I get so much from coming here.”

“The social aspect is the most enjoyable – its the people, they feel a bit like an extension of your family, its so comforting.”

“This is the community pulling together! Without this project many people would end up isolated, depressed and disconnected.”

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