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Keep going!

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Exploration is no ordinary travel publication. We don’t want to sell package holidays, or scare you off backpacking with terrible tales of theft and squalor. In fact, we have absolutely no agenda other than to provide fellow travellers with as much information about this wonderful world as possible. There are fact files for those of you in a hurry; witty traveller’s tales for the casual reader and recommendations for readers already on the road. At the other end of the spectrum, we’ve got discursive articles that provide in-depth socio-political knowledge for the insatiable appetite of even the most seasoned travellers. We are run by students, for students, with writers contributing from every corner of the globe. We promise to provide you with informed, authentic and honest writing. Read it at home before you set sail; in an Internet cafe in the heart of Africa; from your phone whilst hunting for the best burger bar in New York or from a scrap of paper you printed off and stuffed in your pocket. That’s the beauty of Exploration: unlike your conventional travel guide, we weigh nothing, and can be read wherever, whenever and all for free! By recycling knowledge in this way, we not only hope to enhance every traveller’s individual experience, but also create a more informed and respectful travelling community. This is something worth saving.


Any contribution will help and the difference will be made up out of my own pocket.

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