Help Us Keep Theatre (A)Live During Covid-19

by Sarah Evans and Krystal Lee in London, England, United Kingdom

Help Us Keep Theatre (A)Live During Covid-19


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We are producing a beautiful song cycle which will allow us to give actors and freelancers an income during this very difficult time.

by Sarah Evans and Krystal Lee in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

With the extra money we will be able to do the following:

-Invest in a more spectacular set 

-Expand the score writing in extra instruments

-Hire extra musicians to increase the band size

-Extend the duration of the run 

In these very strange times some industries are thriving and others are struggling. The arts especially are in difficult times with the majority of shows closed down, leaving many freelancers with their primary income source having been taken away since earlier this year.

We are looking to put on a socially-distanced show in February 2021, a show about hope, love, mental health, the LGBTQ community, friendship and overcoming hardships. Most importantly it is hopeful and optimistic, which we feel is just the medicine the world needs right now!

We would love to put on the best show we can and provide work for many individuals, however as audiences in the theatre need to be socially distanced, we are only able to make half the money we normally would from ticket sales, which limits the budget available to spend on the show.

As such- we are seeking support from those who may have not been as badly affected, to help us supplement our budget based off ticket sales, and put on a fantastic show!

Your support can help us to hire extra people, put more money into the art supply chain and improve our production quality.

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