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Support Kilter's unique Letter Writing Emporium (and bag your place at a Secret Sherry Shindig!)

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Support Kilter's unique Letter Writing Emporium (and bag your place at a Secret Sherry Shindig!)

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Dear Letter Writers,

Mobile Sorting Office 451 has been on the road now since 2012 and hasn't half taken some battering in the line of duty. Half drowned in mud at music festivals, near tumbled from a crane at a party in the channel islands and cracked in the roof during a violent hail storm on a dangerous assignation to the cobb at Lyme Regis.   At theatres and schools, weddings and community days, residential care homes and birthday parties she has taken receipt of thousands of letters, all written on our bespoke stationery to friends old and new, and delivered on trust via pigeon, camel, and The Glorious Irreplaceable Royal Mail.    Times are hard. The cost of a text message grows ever cheaper and the art and etiquette of a well turned out post-card is a distant memory to all but a few special people. Quite possibly you.   In happier times Mobile Sorting Office 451 was a grateful recipient of numerous subsidies but Kilter has decided to let her prove herself (or join the fleet of other dismantled postal kindling in the great bonfire of public services we are currently enjoying.)     As Mrs Black has said 'all this don't come cheap' so we are calling on you, Dear Letter Writers, to dig deep and show your support for this venerable institution.    The very best thing you could to keep the Mobile Sorting Office on the road is to book her for your own event. She loves to be surprised and there are scores of ways she can work around your plans... so just get in touch without delay.   Otherwise, please do make a donation. An indication of our overheads is provided below but we don't want to smother you in financial knitty-gritty. With any luck this fundraising is merely a practicality to overcome and the real excitement is in the associated opportunity for a reunion; a revival even: A Secret Sherry Shindig.   Every decent minded, generous donor that helps us stay on the road for another year will receive an invitation to a very special Secret Sherry Shindig in the Mobile Sorting Office on 5th July 2015. Show how much you care and you will receive an invitation detailing the time and venue where we shall revel long hours with our arms deep in sacks of used stamps and the smell of empty ink bottles lingering in the air. That date again for your diaries: 5th July 2015!   If we exceed our target, we'll splash out on an extra crate of Harvey's Bristol Cream. In the meantime.   Electrical Overhaul, Wind Turbine 'n' all: £450 New Seating Area for Audience: £350 Fresh Give-Away Stationery for Prolific Pen Pallers: £200 Break-Out Step-Free Letter Writing Station: £125 Re Wall Papering: £75 Water Proofing: £140 Off Street Parking £12/week 6 Hot Water Bottles: £36 New Reading Spectacles for Great Aunt Sofya: £2.80 New Wig for Mrs Black: £22   The list is actually endless. And boring.   Thank you for reading this far.    Yours faithfully,   Verity, Red, Tomas, Stan, Great Aunt Sofya & Mrs P. Black.      
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