Help the Cougars Team

Help the Cougars Team

The Basingstoke Cougars Ice Hockey team are looking to start a junior team.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The Basingstoke Cougars are the oldest running recreational ice hockey team in Basingstoke Hampshire. Made up of a mix of old and young players with different abilities, from ex professional and league players to people who just love the sport. And with players from all over the globe.

In the teams 26 years there as been many successes that and amazing moments that we feel everyone should have the chance to enjoy.

Our aim is to get more younger and new players interested in the sport by starting a youth team is a very expensive venture and we have failed to raise the required sponsorship and are asking for your help.

Small donations go a long way towards a child's future. From children that can't afford to buy equipment , and the cost of ice time required to coach every penny you donate goes directly to helping shape a child's future.