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The Consumer Voice is a non profit organisation that fights for your rights. We're giving away great review products in return for your help

We did it!

On 23rd Mar 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 28 days

 The Consumer Voice is a non profit organisation that fights for your rights. We've helped hundreds of customers receive refunds and resolutions by fighting for free on their behalf. We also give tips, advice, help people be free from scams and hacks and review real products to ensure you always receive an unbiased review of where you spend your hard earned cash.

We began when our founder, Martina Mercer, saw her own mother conned time and again with red tape from big brands and cowboy builder bully tactics. Watchdog and rogue traders were inundated and so Martina began working for the people, like a dogged terrier, ensuring every consumer received a fair chance.

Over the past 3 years Martina has developed The Consumer Voice in her own time, using her own personal finances (from her copywriting work) to fund the whole project. The Consumer Voice has grown, helping more people than ever before but Martina has run out of money and time. It takes no profit, or wages, and doesn't sell advertising due to the unbiased nature of the ethos. It now needs one last push to sustain itself so we can expand and help others.

After this, it will become self sufficient as we have plans to generate a lot of revenue but to get there we really need the help of the consumers this time round, (we know how ironic this sounds).

It would really help if those we've helped, or plan to, would invest to help us move forward. Unike Which? we're free for consumers and always will be, that is never in question.

We Will Reward Your Generosity Generously

For all that contribute we'll send review products (that will be as good as new) as a thank you.

We hope to discover TCV is living on for a bit longer


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