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Keep Ploughing On at Snakehall Farm

by Prospects Trust at Snakehall Farm in Reach, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 21st September 2021 we successfully raised £525 with 21 supporters in 36 days

Help Farmer Mark and the Co-workers of Snakehall Farm PLOUGH on in 2021 by helping us crowd fund the harvest hoe down!

by Prospects Trust at Snakehall Farm in Reach, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

What girl couldn't do with a handbag to match her shoes?  We raised the money for the shoes (ok alright a plough) but how about we keep ploughing on and raise funds for a quick pamper day (a tractor service) or a handbag - another attachment to help mechanise some of our laborious farming activities at The Prospects Trust?

We grow people alongside produce at Snakehall Farm.  We have been growing abilities alongside green beans since 1989.  When it comes to providing meaningful work based learning and support to people with additional needs we know our onions.  

Last year we, like everyone, were rocked to our earthy foundations by Covid but with the massive support (like a Covid free hug) from our firm Farm Friends we survived to thrive and we are now planning the biggest harvest ever.

We are now looking forwards to new ways of involving our Co-workers, people with additional needs, in all aspects of farming.  A key part of being a Co-worker at Snakehall Farm is learning to drive Tilly!  Tilly is our tractor at Snakehall Farm.  She was fundraised for with lots of people supporting our People's Millions vote and she has been a key member of the team ever since.

To make Tilly the best tractor ever she could really do with a new pair of shoes (who couldn't?), but as she is a tractor her shoes are more industrial.  She needs a new plough! Just driving Tilly around the fields is a massive accomplishment for many of our Co-workers (and staff too - lets not mention the fundraiser who accidently widened a gate oops) but to learn to actually put Tilly Tractor to the test is superbly significant for all of us at Snakehall Farm. 

Tilly with a plough can till the fields of our organic haven quicker than we can do it by hand.  We don't industrially plough, we like to grow sustainably and ethically as an organisation and as a farm, we do a light tickle of the soil and prepare it for many hands, feet and paws. The use of machinery is kept to a minimum but the excitement that Tilly Tractor brings to the farm when she is started by Farmer Mark and ably Co-Tractored by a Co-worker is palpable.  

We do rely on the generosity of our farm friends to buy capital equipment, help fund new developments and keep us growing differently at The Prospects Trust, but once purchased with seed funding we make anything GROW to its full potential.  Some may question why they should fund a piece of metal, I promise you that you are funding so much more.  You are supporting the development of our farm, our crops, our co-workers and our organisation.  Please help us keeping ploughing on at Prospects Trust.

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