Keep our dream alive please

by Susan Williams in France

Keep our dream alive please
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To keep our dream alive and us together, due to our business being seasonal we need funds to help us through the winter

by Susan Williams in France

The money will be used to keep our dream in France alive and so my husband and I can stay together.  At present we are both desperately sad as he is trying to earn money in the UK to keep our heads above water.  I need him here as have pain with Osteoarthritis daily.  We are hard working and a large bill has threatened to end our future aspirations of running out small campsite in the french countryside.  We moved here following the passing of my dear mum who was my everything.  I needed a fresh start and decided to follow a dream.  That dream seems to be dwindling and becoming more of a nightmare.

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