Keep Olivia's Wheels

by Margo in Cheshire

Keep Olivia's Wheels
We did it
On 25th November 2015 we successfully raised £8,555 with 340 supporters in 28 days

Please help cancer survivor and aputee Olivia Cork keep her specially adapted car and share her story to highlight DWP failings.

by Margo in Cheshire

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Sue Perry 9th November 2015

Hi Olivia, Good luck sweetheart, you are an inspiration and I feel very humble. Unfortunately I know someone that has a mobility car and doesn't need one, how does this work???

Kevin Paul 6th November 2015

All the best Olivia, you have been let down like so many by the government, thank god the people of Great Britain always stick their hands into their pockets for good causes to help inspirational people like yourself.

Philip 6th November 2015

Inspirational and a totally ridiculous situation to be put in. What your are doing deserves everything and what a striking photo. Good luck, hopefully see you representing Team GB in the future.

Wini 6th November 2015

Keep up the good work Olivia! It's not much but every little bit helps. The government has always changed Welfare Services, Disability Allowances & other such necessary aids, to take more money from deserving people, in order to pay for their governmental and high living standards! As said: The rich get rich and the poor get poorer! Well do we for getting beyond your target and like someone else said: Go buy your own car, for they'll never be able to take it from you.

QUANTUM432  5th November 2015

I do hope you are able to keep your car. Having had 2 strokes last November, followed by a brain hemerage 2 weeks later, I was concerned that I might never drive again. Aftet passing the assesment to drive again, I decided to purchase a new car and all of the modifications I needed to convert the car for 1 handed driving. It has taught me just how much a car can give a disabled person freedom and the chance of a purposeful life. My advice for what it is worth. Buy the car and the mobility kit inside as I have done. Then its yours for keeps and this government can not take it away from you. Keep going, dont give in. And good luck for the future.

Caz 5th November 2015

You are an inspiration! Department of work and pensions should be ashamed! They need to reassess a lot of people, but you are clearly not one of them! I wish you well in everything you do and achieve......DWP you disgust me!

alex.rhymer 5th November 2015

Glad you have reached the initial total and beyond, all the best for the future and I hope the DWP see sense and reverse their decision so all the money that is raised you can use to help fulfil your dreams.

Mrs R 5th November 2015

You're an inspiration to us all Olivia, I hope your fundraising gives you enough to keep your wheels and allows you to keep up your good works and to keep your independence x

Shankara 5th November 2015

Thankyou for your wonderful selfless work and attitude to help others. You are an example to us all ! Keep up the good work and keep on motoring ! No words can express my thoughts on DWP ! Millions being affected by their callous policies, esp women's pensions! Good to see and encourage good hard working selfless people like you Olivia, keep up the good work!


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