Keep Jakes Race Van on the road

Keep Jakes Race Van on the road

Help us raise £2000 to keep Jakes race van on the road so he can continue to compete in this years youth Motocross events.

We did it!

On 24th May 2016 we successfully raised £5 with 1 supporter in 28 days

Jake is an 11 year old upcoming Motocross rider.  He is currently competing in the BSMA Bridgestone championships, and rides for local club Warley Wasps.  

His racing takes us all over the country and he is doing great.  Currently 3rd in the club championships and 11th in the Bridgestone series.  Hopefully this year we will be able to go to ride in france.

The one thing we rely on (other than the bike) is our race van, which currently has issues that need to be sorted before it dies.  A lot of money has been spent so far on this van to keep it on the road, its had a new gear box, power steering pump and pipes, 3 starter motors, tyres, etc.  Well over £2k spent in the last year.  Recently, however, it has developed a number of faults that we just cannot afford to get repaired, we are effectively waiting for the van to die, then we don't know what we will do as we cannot afford another at this point in time.

The work that needs to be done immediately are:

New Turbo

Severe Oil leak to be fixed

4 new tyres


New Fly Wheel

Horn Repair (Wiring Loom issue)


To get all this done, I need to raise as close to £2000 as I can.  

When we are at race meets, we see all these people with money that can afford RS Motorhomes, and we are jealous, but our trusty little Vauxhall Vivaro has done is well so far, and is more than enough for what we need.

Please help, and donate as little or as much as you can, so we can keep our van on the road, and keep Jake on his campaign.   

If you have any questions or want to see Jakes race photos, or photos of the van problems, let me know, I will be happy to oblige



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