Educate school children the benefits of reusing rather than discarding. We intend to issue each child with an EKO FUNNEL, to collect all waste edible oils.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Dorset Bio Solutions C.I.C


Dorset Bio Solutions C.I.C want to fund a project to supply school children at the Earth Charter Schools of Avonbourne and Harewood College with an Eko Funnel  These funnel traps will be used within their homes to collect the edible oils and fats that families have a habit of washing down the sink, ending up as FAT BURGERS in our sewers. The cost of removing these health hazards are immense with all costs passed onto local rate payers, when they could be turned into cash to support school projects.

Click Here to see the BBC video of us winning our award at Buckingham palace with Peter Jones.

Our Crowd Funder application will cover the cost of supplying a complete school with these Eko Funnel Fat Traps, along with collection bins and support.

Once each child has an Eko Funnel , we will, through the green team based at the schools, arrange collection days such as “Oily Mondays” or Oily Fridays” whichever fits in with the schools green programme. .

The waste vegetable oils will be processed into fuel for use in their school buses at a fraction of the cost. Bi products of this will be made into soaps and cleaners.

The is to let the children have some hands on experience as part of their environmental education on how to save their future planet, by educating them on how much of our day to day waste, which we so easily take for granted can, with though, be up cycled into new products.

We are looking to involve one our local prisons, where current inmates will also be on a similar Earth Education by processing much of the waste edible oils collected by the schools as part of the rehabilitation.

Dorset Bio Solutions C.I.C is a not for profit company so every penny donated goes towards the project.