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by Chance for Childhood in Romford, Greater London, United Kingdom


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Prevent a lost generation of learners in Africa by keeping children learning, at school and at home, through the pandemic and beyond!

by Chance for Childhood in Romford, Greater London, United Kingdom

Covid-19 is creating a lost generation of learners

Across Africa, millions of children are out of school because of Covid-19. Without immediate support, they risk becoming a lost generation of learners. This is urgent. If we don’t act now, children will never return to school. Will you please donate to keep children learning today?

Current lockdowns mean children have cumulatively missed over a year’s worth of education and counting. A third wave of Covid-19 has shut schools again this year. In Uganda, they’re not expected to reopen until 2022. 18 months since the pandemic started, children are still unable to return to school.

Even in the countries where schools are open, vulnerable children are not going back. The pandemic has pushed millions into poverty. Lockdowns have destroyed livelihoods. Parents have used up their savings just to survive during the pandemic. Right now, many parents are facing a horrific choice: between buying food and sending their children to school.  

For many children, schools are not free. Parents can’t afford the fees. And even if they could, they need to buy uniforms, books and more to be able to attend.

Not having access to school will have devastating effects on children’s lives. Without education, they won’t be able to escape the vicious cycle of poverty. It will destroy their hopes of a brighter future.  

Your support can change this. £24 could send two children to school, by buying them a uniform, textbooks, maths set, pens and more. They’ll be able to go back to school and get the education they deserve. Can you please donate to keep children learning?


No education = no future

Without an education, the children we work with have no hope of a better future. Many of them are growing up in poverty, have spent time living on the streets, or need extra support because of a disability. There is no safety net to protect them and their families during lockdowns. When schools close and parents lose their income, education is no longer a priority. If we don’t act now, children will return to the streets. Children with disabilities will never catch up with their peers. And children living in extreme poverty will never believe they can have a better future.

For some children, school is the only place they are safe. 

After the first lockdown, we supported a girl who had been abused in her community while schools were closed. Out of school, she felt she had no safe adult to talk to during the most awful moment in her life. She didn’t tell anybody until schools reopened 4 months later. She had to walk through their community for four months knowing that their abuser was out there.

Our partners are working tirelessly to keep children safe at home and at school. But the need for our help is on a scale we haven’t seen before. With your help, we can keep children safe and learning.

By donating to the crowdfunder, your support will help during lockdowns and when schools are open:

During lockdowns, your support will send Learning Support Assistants to see children in their homes. They’ll help children with disabilities to keep learning, so they don’t fall behind their peers, as well as checking on their welfare during such a difficult time.

Your support will help families to earn a regular income through start-up grants and training for small businesses! So, when schools reopen, they’ll be able to pay the fees and keep their children in education.

Your donations will also help to provide children living in poverty with what they need to go to school. For child refugees in Uganda, a school uniform costs more than their monthly rations. Without one, children are turned away. But £12 can provide a uniform, textbooks, pens, pencils, maths sets and more. Meaning they’re ready to go back to school!

Girls like Joyce may never return to school

“Many of my friends have got married off by their families because they’ve lost all their income during the pandemic.” 15-year-old Joyce told us. Her school closed during the pandemic and hasn’t yet reopened.


“English was my favourite subject and I loved taking part in debates! I also enjoyed playing netball with my friends at school. When school was open, I wasn’t stressed. Everything was fine before the pandemic.”

But stuck at home, life for Joyce is very different.

“I enjoyed going to school because I want to be a doctor, to help sick people. But without going to school, I can’t be a doctor. I have already forgotten many things I have learned. I no longer have time for books because I have to help with household chores like cooking and washing dishes.”

As a girl, Joyce is much less likely to return to school than her male peers. Some of her friends have become pregnant in lockdown, while others have faced early marriage. Long-held gender stereotypes mean girls are expected to help at home rather than go to school. But you can help to keep girls like Joyce learning by donating to the crowdfunder.

“When school reopens, I need a school bag, books and a school uniform. I also wish that I could get sanitary pads because sometimes I stay out of school when I can’t get them.”

Sadly, Joyce’s story is not uncommon. In Uganda, the Covid-19 crisis has plunged thousands of refugee families further into poverty. Even when schools are open, many are turned away for not having a school uniform. But a uniform costs more than the monthly rations refugees receive.

A school uniform costs just £5 and £12 can provide a year’s supply of sanitary pads. Every donation to the crowdfunder can help to keep a girl in school. Can you please give today?


Together we can keep children learning

Every donation to the crowdfunder will be used to keep children learning, whether in school or at home. This is a vital time for children’s education. And we can’t just sit by as the most vulnerable miss out.

Raising £10,000 will mean we can work with our partners to adapt, so that children who have been so cruelly affected by the pandemic can get back to school and keep learning whatever the future holds.

That means when schools close, we’ll send Learning Support Assistants out to help children with disabilities in their homes. Your support will get children living in poverty back to school, by buying uniforms, books, pens, pencils and more! And your donation will help them stay in school too, by giving families training and opportunities to earn an income. No family should be faced with the choice of feeding their children or sending them to school. Will you please donate to our crowdfunder to ensure that they don’t have to?


The difference you could make

Any gift, large or small, could make a difference to a child’s education! Here’s what you could fund:

  • £5 could buy a school uniform for a refugee, allowing them to go to school.
  • £12 could buy a year’s supply of reusable sanitary pads for a girl at risk of missing out of school.
  • £25 could train a Learning Support Assistant, who can help children with disabilities to learn at home through lockdowns.
  • £40 could buy a uniform, textbooks, a maths set and pens and pencils for a family of four children and give them the education they deserve.  

About Chance for Childhood

At Chance for Childhood, we believe that no child should be forgotten. That’s why we work in DRC, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda to support the most vulnerable children, such as street-connected children, children with disabilities, children affected by conflict and children behind bars.

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