Keep Children Gardening with The Young Gardener

 The Young Gardener needs your help. We give kids the tools they need to help themselves and their families through gardening and more

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 The Young Gardener needs your help.

We began 3 years ago with funding from one person's personal benefits. This person had a vision to get kids from any background outside and to teach them how to grow food for their own future and the future of our world. These skills are invaluable in the UK (usually they're taught abroad but not much focus is on UK kids learning these skills) as the cost of living increases and many need to learn to grow their own to survive. Teaching just one child teaches a family, and even teaches the adults who may be a little scared or proud to ask for help.

Alongside this initiative we also give great tips and advice to parents and grandparents on how to encourage kids outside, what interests children, how to keep kids entertained and how to incorporate exercise into the daily routine. We've become an invaluable resource for so many, from every type of background, from those who want to do better for their kids, but poverty won't allow, to grandparents wanting to share their hobby with their children but who need tips on how to keep a child's short attention span (of the technological age) alert and awake.

We're doing great work but we can't grow without funds and we've now run out, relying on volunteers and donations of products and plants. We need an office, some plants, to be able to pay our basic bills and we need to have the time and money to invest in welcoming more kids to our farm. (Even the pigs may have to go soon!)

If you love gardening, if you believe children should be taught these essential lessons, (we do tour schools too) and if you think we do valuable work please share this and pledge. We promise to send you a reward as a thank you whether it's a plant grown by one of our kids or a picture of them learning the skills.