Keep an old beauty alive n kicking!

Keep an old beauty alive n kicking!

Keep my old beauty on the road so that I can continue to travel the length n breadth of the country spreading love, light and play to all!

We did it!

On 30th May 2017 we successfully raised £220 with 7 supporters in 28 days

 My mission in this life is to spread love, light and laughter everywhere I go! To inspire people to loosen up and Let Go! Me and my Van 'Stella' (named after my nanna) travel around the UK giving massage, yoga, Reiki, Dance and hula hooping. I share these skills to children in schools, adults in their homes and at festivals, adhoc classes in parks, at work places - wherever its needed! and it is needed; We all carry so much tension n worry and stress in this fast paced life, that I like to offer space and time for people to slow down, relax, laugh and let go. Without the van my work would not reach and touch so many people.

I bought this old beauty, 2 years ago. Its a 1984 Freight Rover, Sherpa. It gets me all around the country to reach people of all ages far and wide, its also my home when im on the road for long periods during the summer months. weve done thousands of miles together. It was looking very run down when i first bought it, overtime bits and pieces are falling off and breaking need replacing. I dont think she will pass another MOT unless we give her some TLC . I Believe such an old classic like this should be held onto and looked after, done up to look lovely and function well , unfortunatley im not managing to keep up with the work thats needed to keep her in good shape. Im just about making enough money to keep her on the road with insurance, tax, breakdown etc

I have a list as long as my arm of suggested repairs and upgrades, depending on how much money i can pull together will depend on how far this re vamp project goes! From replacing the wing mirrors to structural body work and engine repairs and if its really succesfull, even as far as fitting a solar pannel and making the van as eco friendly and cosy as possible.

Forever grateful and happy to pay back in rewards (see rewards section) Id also be happy to hear from any van/mechanic enthusiasts who would like to get involved n give time or expertise to help Pimp up 'Stella' n keep her alive and Kicking!

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