Keeley's Wheelchair Fund - to get back to freedom

by Keeley Knight in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Keeley's Wheelchair Fund - to get back to freedom
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On 6th December 2019 we successfully raised £2,502 with 87 supporters in 28 days

Keeley's mobility has got increasingly worse. With help, we hope to be able to purchase an electric wheelchair. Giving her independence back

by Keeley Knight in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

We are raising money to purchase an electric wheelchair. Getting one will give me so much independence back. 

As many of you know my mobility in the last year has declined due to chronic illness. Sadly this has led to not being able to attend my hobbies such as larping and playing music on stage. 

I have to give a big thanks to Richard Cooper for getting this ball rolling. The past year I have not been able to attend Empire, I love and miss helping players at this event but unfortunately i don't have the right mobilities aids to not completely break myself!

Currently I hire a manual wheelchair which gives me some freedom. But it is incredibly difficult to use on outdoor pavements, fields and any kind of incline. So I often get stuck at the moment haha. 

 Asking for help in this way for such a personal issue is very difficult. But having spoken to many people they whole heartedly want to help and see me back to doing the things I love.

Every little bit helps and even just a share or mention is appreciated. There are so many people that need help like this!

I will keep battling for my diagnosis one day and keep going. Because I'm surrounded with support and love. 

** For people that don't know or wish to know more about my conditions. Sadly I have no firm diagnosis and am still battling tests and any treatment. But to sum up my long list... I have nerve/muscle pain that effects my neck/shoulders/arms/face/legs/feet/back, raynaud's that effects my feet the worst causing pain/numbness/tingling, chronic abdominal pain and IBS, severe pelvic pain, I suffer with vertigo & nausea also most recently have dysplasia with pain. One day I will get there! 

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