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by Keele ISoc in Keele, England, United Kingdom

Keele Islamic Society Crowdfunder
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On 4th October 2018 we successfully raised £70 with 2 supporters in 42 days

As-Salaamalaikum Brothers and Sisters, We need your help in making our efforts in serving our Muslim Community even bigger this year!

by Keele ISoc in Keele, England, United Kingdom

Salaamalaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu Brothers and Sisters,

Keele ISOC is right now in the process of planning for the academic year to come and we're looking to go further than we've gone before. We've proudly served our Muslim Community here at Keele for years and seen our Ummah here grow year by year with over 200 members and over 500 Muslims on campus last year Alhamdulillah. With your help, we want to go even further with helping the Muslims here at Keele grow in their Islam and embrace more into learning about our beautiful religion. So what will your donation go towards:


Your money will help us make university, not the pause on a Muslim student’s growth in Islam, but instead the kickstart. Your £1 could turn into £10, your £10 to £100 or your £100 to £1000 through our Charity efforts. Your donation will help us serve the needy in our community and around the world as well as teaching our members the importance of giving up time to serve the less fortunate. Your donation would be the means of keeping a young Muslim out of a haraam environment and introduce them into a halal one that will nurture their character and deen. Your donation will allow us to spread this beautiful religion and teach about the perfected character of Our Prophet, Muhammad (SAW).

Jazakallah khair for your generosity and kindness.

Keele Islamic Society

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