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Teaching children how to have fun with baking

by Barbara E. Hoban in Tarbock Green, England, United Kingdom

Who are you?

My name is Barbara - a married mum of two amazing boys, age 7 and 3.  I live near the beautiful city of Liverpool.

My love of baking started at an incredibly young age, thanks to my paternal grandmother.  I remember her always being in the kitchen, creating amazing cakes, biscuits and breads.  As soon as I was old enough to stand on a chair, I would be in the kitchen with her.

Why baking?

I believe baking with your children is one of the most valuable family activities you can engage in together. Baking time is bonding time. When you cook together, kids feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. They feel responsible, because you are trusting them with an important family task.

When a child can say, “I made it myself!”, they feel a sense of accomplishment.  When people like what they cooked, they feel a sense of pride and achievement.  When kids cook a new food themselves, they are more likely to eat it — or at least try it.  They may not eat all of it.  They may not eat any of it the first time you make it together.  But over time, they will get comfortable with it, and eventually, they will try it.

Reasons why a child should bake...

Baking brings families together.

Baking builds self esteem.

Baking makes kids more willing to try new foods.

Baking teaches kids math skills.

Baking teaches kids reading skills.

Baking teaches kids chemistry skills.

When kids bake they learn about the origins of food.

Baking can teach kids about different cultures.

Baking with kids gives them an important lifelong skill.

Baking is fun!

So, what's the plan?
The Kids Baking Club started its' first course on 4 November 2018.  

My plan is to run short courses, once a week, over a six week period.  Each week we will make a new recipe, from biscuits to cakes, and each child gets to do everything themselves...  From measuring the ingredients, to stirring and preparing.  If there is enough time within each class, we are even hoping to decorate too.  The only thing a child will not do is touch the oven.

Why are you Crowd Funding?

I have decided to set up a Crowd Funder to raise some money, to purchase some much needed equipment, so the children can have their own set of everything to use in the class.  Currently, each child has a mixing bowl, wooden spoon and baking tray.  We have to share muffin trays, and we only have one set of scales, so the process is incredibly slow.

Here's a list of what I would love to be able to offer every child in class:

*  an apron

*  a set of scales

*  a mixing bowl (already have)

*  a wooden mixing spoon (already have)

*  a rolling pin (I currently have one rolling pin for every 3 children - 12 children in a class)

*  a baking tray (already have)

*  cupcake / muffin trays (I currently have one tray for every 2 children)

*  small cake pans (approx. 6 inches)

*  a bread / loaf tin

*  a folder, presented at the end of the course, full of the recipes that we have created

The list is only short, and I would love to be able to supply more items for the children, but those are the basics.


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