Kayden's new wheels

Kayden's new wheels

Please help us to raise £3845.20 for Kayden's new wheels so he can spend some of his life outdoors.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Seven year old Kayden  cannot walk, talk or eat without a feeding tube as a result of childhood cancer.  His mum wants to help him enjoy the great outdoors as every child should but he will only be able to do this using an adapted bike trailer with a highly specialised chair fitted inside.  Please see the pictures below.

Kayden has been fighter since birth.  He was delivered by C-section two weeks early and required bowel surgery when he was just one day old. He battled through his second operation to correct his twisted food pipe at just six weeks old, but by the time he had reached eight months Kayden had started having seizures. 

One year later Kayden was doing well- walking, talking and making great progress when the bombshell was dropped… “your child has cancer”.  Kayden became very poorly from his leukaemia and treatment and had to be rushed to intensive care where he was fitted with a breathing and feeding tube.  After being given very little chance of survival, he continued his fight against cancer, defied the odds and woke up!

Kayden finished treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in March 2013 and is now in remission. However, the effects of his conditions and treatments will impact him for the rest of his life. 

At CFC we believe every child should experience the joy of cycling. To make this happen for Kayden we want to provide him with a specially adapted trailer to attach to his mum’s bike, allowing them to get outdoors and spend some quality time together.

Please help us to raise the remaining £3845.20 to fund this specialist equipment for the amazing and brave Kayden.