General Election 2017: Mike Katz for Hendon

General Election 2017: Mike Katz for Hendon

The Hendon Labour Party is fundraising to support our campaign to get Mike Katz elected as MP for Hendon.

We did it!

On 6th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £2,390 with 32 supporters in 28 days

Hendon Labour is fundraising for our General Election campaign, to support our candidate Mike Katz become MP for Hendon.

Mike is out campaigning every day, supported by a great team of volunteers. But, unlike local Tories, we need extra funds to  print leaflets, send letters and run the best campaign we can, to make sure Hendon gets the hardworking Labour MP it deserves. 

This is where you come in. You can help us by funding:

  • the printing of leaflets to spread our message;
  • the delivery of letters to potential Labour supporters;
  • the purchase of the resources we need to run an effective and strong campaign.

Whatever you can do will make a huge difference!

A message from Mike: 

I'm standing to be Labour MP in Hendon because local people deserve a hardworking MP, as they've had in the past. Like me, the majority of residents here voted to Remain in the EU. They need an MP who won't accept a bad Brexit deal, or no deal at all, unlike the current hard-line pro-Brexit Tory MP for Hendon.

We've had seven years of Conservative failure. working families are set to be on average over £1,400 a year worse off. I've visited the food bank run by volunteers on Grahame Park estate in Colindale and I know how tough it is for many people.

Hendon had a hardworking Labour MP from 1997 to 2010, Andrew Dismore, who delivered for the consituency, including new school and hospital buildings.  As MP for Hendon, I'll work just as hard to deliver for local people who have been let down by the Tories.

 Any amount you can spare to help support my campaign would be deeply appreciated. 

Thanks for donating.

Statement on Donations to the Labour Party

All donations worth more than £500 made to the Labour Party are regulated by the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000. By making a donation you hereby affirm that your donation comes from your own funds, or the funds of the company or organisation named by yourself, and is not given on behalf of any other individual or organisation.

All donors to the Labour Party must be:

  •  Individuals on a current register of electors in the UK (excluding the Channel Islands and Isle of Man);
  • Companies incorporated in the EU and registered and trading in the UK, or a LLP carrying out business in the UK;
  • A trade union or registered political party.

You are donating to the Hendon Labour Party. Individuals or organisations who donate more than £1,500 to the Hendon Labour Party will have their name and the amount published on the Electoral Commission’s website. Addresses of individuals will not be published. Donations are not tax-deductible.

Promoted by Ammar Naqvi on behalf of the Hendon Labour Party both at 79 The Burroughs, Hendon NW4 4AX.

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