Katie wants to be a Barrister

Katie wants to be a Barrister

I need to raise funds to study the Bar Professional Training Course starting in September this year

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi everyone,

My name is Katie and I'm looking for funding to help me study the BPTC starting in September. I completed my Master of Laws in 2014 and have deferred studyying the BPTC until this year due to funding issues. I partly self dunded my Masters with a little bit of help from my Father and the UK government. My Father stepped in to help me as I was unable to work for a lot of my Masters due to ill health. This isn't a sob story but a way of showing you how determined I am to follow a career in Law.

The week before I began studying my Masters I fell ill. Noone could tell me what was wrong with me for three months, never the less I never missed a class at school. Three months later I found out I had pneumonia. Having pneumonia go undiagnosed for that length of time damaged my lungs to the extent that I have had pneumonia a further 5 times over the past six years. Only two of those were severe enough to warrant a trip to the hospital though! At the start of my second year at University I had a breast cancer scare and towards the end of my third year I fractured my ankle stepping off a bus and was subsequently hospitalised with a DVT, extensive pulmonari embolli and pneumonia. Like I said, this isn't a sob story but proof of my sheer determination to both survive and to get my Masters qualification. I hardly  ever  missed university and made uup for it when I did by spending every spare moment studying at the British Library. I finished University with a 2:1.

The last 6 years have not been easy, but now I'm healthy and strong and ready to complete my training. I just need some extra help from some kind hearted people.

I'm the first in my family to get a degree and a Masters. You can see by my photograph how proud my parents were on my graduation day. I love seeing their faces like that and love to make them proud. My Mum is already being a showbiz Mum about how her daughter is going to be a barrister.

I had three offers of part time places at universities in London and I want to take one of them.  The course will be a little more expensive for me as I recently moved to Guernsey to take care of my Mother so I'll need to spend money of flights to London and accommodation whilst I'm there. The Course costs around £17,000 which will leave around £3000 for flights and accommodation, I'll fund any extra myself.

The area of law I want to specialise in is Criminal Law to help those who have been victims of sexual violence and hate crimes.

Please help me achieve my dream.