Katie is currently in the process of recording her first ever EP! Songs featured will be ... "Old Ones, My Mind and Stuck With No Time"

We did it!

On 23rd Jan 2017 we successfully raised £490 of £250 target with 17 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

If this target is made - I will use the money raised to help with the release of the EP. 

This will help with marketing, promotion, accessing radio stations and pluggers and other parties such as record companies!

I - Katie Doyle - am currently in the process of recording my first ever EP for release in February 2017!

Songs featured on the record will be ...
"Old Ones, My Mind and Stuck With No Time" - all written and arranged by myself. 

Genre - Soul/RnB // I want this record to have some real guts. I want to release this record and make people feel again. I think as a society today we're so obsessed with our phones and our own little social media worlds, that we have forgetten how to feel, how to be human! I want my music to grab people by the balls, so they can wake up their soul inside! 

This project, costing around £500 in total, will be recorded by the wonderful producer and a great friend of mine,  Roger Shepherd at his own "Southside Vintage Studios" in Battlefield, Glasgow - where all instruments and equipment used comes from the 1950's onwards. Recorded on tape like the good old days - we'll have that old school sound with a modern twist!

After release, Rog and I plan to turn to our contacts around the UK and the rest of the world to see what we can do. I am hopeful to tour with a live band in the coming year, to gain both new fans and sales of my EP.  I want this project to succeed in so many ways - and it's all thanks to the people who support my music the most.  

We aim to create something really special ... and we're almost done! 

We now need session strings players, brass players and a gospel choir to put that classic soulful icing on the cake

Obviously, all of this comes at a cost.

My family have been wonderful and helped me fund this record with all they can! And I can't explain how grateful I am for their assistance. 

Now, I need your support

Please help me fabricate this dream that is now so close to becoming my reality! 

All my love,

Katie Doyle :-)

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