2014 WORLD Junior Taekwondo Championships

Katie's dream has been to compete for her country at the top level and now she has that opportunity. She needs to raise the funds to represent Great Britain at the 2014 World Junior Taekwondo Championships in Chinese Taipei. Her participation is SELF FUNDED. Katie is #1 UK, #3 Europe and #9 World. She is 2013 Dutch, Belgian and British Champion, German & Spanish Bronze medallist and Croatian Silver medallist. SHE NEEDS TO RAISE £3000.

We did it!

On 12th Feb 2014 we successfully raised £1,190 of £1,000 target with 19 supporters in 28 days

katie bradley - no ordinary girl :DI am Katie Bradley  and have been training in the martial art of Taekwondo since I was 6 years old and have competed in the Olympic Sport Taekwondo since I was 7.

I train in Plymouth with a small but very successful club South Hams Taekwondo (Plymouth) with Dave Desforges Snr and Jnr.

In the over 10 years I have trained and competed I have faced many challenges and setbacks but has always been commited and determined, and over the past 18 months this determination has paid off.  2013 was a really good year for me and now I am looking forward to 2014 which may be an even better year :D xx

Funding breakdown

This Crowd funding bid is for one particular athlete - Katie Bradley.  She is asking for £1000 towards the expected total costs of around £3000 to compete at the 2014 World Junior Taekwondo Championships and attend the preparatory training camps in Manchester and South Korea.  Katie hopes to raise the remaining funds from fundraising events being organised on her behalf locally in Plymouth.


In 2013 I competed in 6 International A-class competitions all over Europe and I medalled at 5 of them :D

katie bradley great britain junior worlds team

I also competed at the BRITISH NATIONAL Championships which I won for the second year running.

katie bradley 2013 british national champion female juniors -44kgs

My current rankings on www.taekwondodata.com are

                                  UK #1                    Europe #3                  World #9

In 2013 I competed for GREAT BRITAIN at the European Junior Championships.  In my second round match I lost narrowly to Turkey, one of the top nations in Taekwondo, and just missed out on a European medal - a huge disappointment but a challenge that has spurred me on and made me even more determined to medal at an Major Championships for my country.

In December I was once again selected to represent GREAT BRITAIN, this time at the

2014 WTF WORLD Junior Championships, New Taipei City, Chinese Taipei

These championships take place in March 2014 and again I am competing on a SELF FUNDED basis and need to raise around £3000 to pay for my preparation training (most weekends at the National Academy in Manchester - a 600m roundtrip from my home in Plymouth) and to comepte at the championships themselves.

And this is where I need YOUR support.  Any donations will make a huge difference, but also please remember to take the time to share my information and this Crowdfunding link by email, facebook, twitter etc. your family, friends and work mates so that they can support me too :D xx



Sponsorship opportunities

Training & competing costs for Katie to achieve her goals are a prohibitive factor for her. She does not have a well off family and all costs are currently met by her single-parent father and a little fundraising she does herself on rare "free" weekends baking and selling cupcakes.

In addition to training at her local club, all of Katie's GB related training takes place at the National Olympic Taekwondo Academy in Manchester - a 600 mile roundtrip from her home in Plymouth and often requiring the additional expense of hotel accommodation.  Last year we drove over 15,000 miles to/from Manchester for this training.

There is an opportunity for individuals, organisations or companies to sponsor Katie on anything from a one-off basis to a longer-term (much preferred) basis, and we are more than happy to discuss the possibilities.  We certainly appreciate its a two-way street.

katie bradley lloyds bank local hero inspires next generationAs well as the feeling of satisfaction from being able to assist an up and coming young athlete achieve their goals and compete at high level in their sport Katie will do her best to “give back” to those who sponsor her in other ways, studies and training permitting.  She is interested in building good relationships with sponsors in the early stages of her Taekwondo career which can continue to be developed over time and as her career develops.

Maintaining training and competing at a high level has high cost implications.

Costs involved in Taekwondo

  • International A-class competition                                   £500 per weekend          (6-10 per year)
  • Weekend GB training, Manchester                                £120 per weekend          (15+ per year)
  •  Represent GB at Major Championships                      £1500 per year

            (average 1 major per year,being Worlds or Europeans)

Thank you so much for looking and I hope you can help :D  

PLEASE take the tiem to SHARE this information with your family & friends so they can help too.

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