Art from Aldershot to Annapurna

by Karina Fraser in Farnborough, England, United Kingdom

Art from Aldershot to Annapurna
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I make pictures and I walk a lot. This spring I will be trekking the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, sketchbook in hand. And I need your help...

by Karina Fraser in Farnborough, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

All extra money will be split equally and donated to charity (see my project brief for details) to encourage and develop arts provision within Rushmoor, and to ensure Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue continue to be able to save lives.

During my original crowdfunding campaign, we successfully raised £1,250 with 39 supporters in 70 days. I will now continuing to accept donations. Find out more about my original plans below.

A couple of years ago I had a bit of a breakdown. A history of childhood trauma, an abusive relationship and then being widowed at 25 had left me so riddled with anxiety that I struggled to leave the house for anything other than the most routine things. I deliberately avoided anything that could trigger a panic attack, even going into shops, driving or popping round to friends houses were seemingly impossible. My solace became painting and hiking in the mountains of Snowdonia.

But I’m one of the lucky ones. I sought help. I had a wonderful CBT therapist, fantastic friends and family and all the unwavering support that I needed. Two years on I still have the odd wobble but I can see that time just goes fast, everything can change in an instant and we need to grab every opportunity that comes to us rather than shying away in fear because it’s easier.

…then an opportunity of a lifetime came my way.

In April I will be travelling to Nepal for a month to trek the Annapurna Circuit – a strenuous 100+ miles circumnavigating the Annapurna mountain range at an altitude of up to 5500 metres (that’s almost 2/3s the way up Everest!). I have my hiking boots and sketchbook at the ready, but I need your help with the rest.

In return for your donations you can pick a reward – a piece of artwork from the trip to remind you of your kindness and make you part of the journey. This trip is likely to cost the thick end of £2k overall, I’m chucking in all I can afford, and if by any stroke of brilliance this campaign goes above and beyond expected expenditure, all donations will then be split equally between the following charities;

Forward 4 Wiz Trust – A grassroots music charity I set up in memory of Wiz, the singer-songwriter of the legendary Mega City Four. With a focus on Rushmoor and surrounding areas we have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of budding musicians and industry hopefuls in a range of interesting and (quite often) ambitious projects. You can find out more at

West End Centre – I may be biased but the West End Centre is the diamond in the rough of Rushmoor’s arts provision. For over 40 years this award winning arts centre has not only brought incredible music, theatre and comedy into Aldershot, but it has also supported our ever-growing hub of creatives – a demographic that has been largely ignored by central funding. Any donations will be ring-fenced for the centre’s use for developing arts provision in our community, including reaching out to our Nepalese neighbours in Rushmoor.

Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue – All my life I have been carried (not drunk, just very young), crawled and hiked across the mountains of Snowdonia. Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue have been my insurance policy for all those years. These guys and gals risk their own lives to save the hundreds of walkers and climbers each year that get lost or injured, 24/7/365. They are a charity, this isn’t a centrally funded emergency service, and each team member is a volunteer. They are all heroes. Find out more

All these charities mean the world to me. This trip is one of a lifetime and one to shout about, and shout I will, follow my blog at and follow me on social media @karina_fraser Join me on the journey!


Rewards will be offered until Saturday 26th January when this page will become donation only (it’s a crowdfunder thing). You will still be able to donate for reward and purchase artwork at my forthcoming exhibition at Aldershot’s West End Centre from 1st – 28th Feb 2019. Pop along to the live art and music installation I'm part of on 2nd Feb with Parachute for Gordo and Slow Clinic EVENT LINK HERE!


If you think you could help with equipment sponsorship or training I’d love to hear from you.

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