Karaoke Tales

Karaoke Tales is a one women performance, the debut show written and performed by new comedian and actor Steffi Sweeney.

We did it!

On 13th Oct 2017 we successfully raised £1,060 of £1,000 target with 52 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

For me to make this dream real, £1000 will pay for all the logistical things that i physically need to make this show work. 

We will be working on a tight budget borrowing most of the equipment from local sources. IF we could raise a little more, the extra would go towards buying our own company PA system, this way our show would instantly be able and the amazing journey would continue. 

Thank you thank you. 

You make the decision, not on vocal ability but on sheer dance move potential, you fill in the Karaoke slip, your name is called, the words appear on the screen, the mic feels heavy in your hand, you open your mouth… and PROPER GO FOR IT.

Join us on a journey through every summer holiday this Huyton girl ventured, filled with tales of the agonizing decision each family member had to make when faced with the question “what’s your karaoke song?”. Enter the sticky floored, booze fragranced karaoke bar for a night of stories, songs and questionable vocals. 

The piece is programmed in two festivals, firstly On the Verge a festival hosted by Hope Street which encourages emerging artist to create theatre for the non theatre space, Karaoke Tales will be performed at GOGO Sushi on Berry Street Liverpool. And also Liverpool comedy festival, this is the first year the comedy festival have decided to partner with Hope Street Ltd and offered just the one slot for a theatre act to also encourage comedy in an usual space. It is important to mention as for an emerging artist both festivals are offering something quite unique, to mentor and teach first time theatre makers how to create work outside of the usual theatre space is something we believe is very important now within the arts. It bridges the gap between large commercial organisations and independent fringe theatre perfectly. And without opportunities like this, Steffi for one would be unable to make a long dream come true of making her first ever one women show.

With that, if you donate to Steffi's Show you will be helping with everything from lights to glitter balls but more importantly you will be a crutial part of the beggining of  Steffi's Journey as a Comedian and Theatre maker. 

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