Kamal's education dream

Kamal's education dream

Financing my studies in Germany

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Financing my studies in Germany, it's a dream for me.

i'm Kamal Dahr, 23 years old student from Morocco, i graduated from Dar Essalam high school in 2014 and went to Mohammed V University and now i'm two semesters away from getting my bachelor degree in economy and management, and  i want to study  international Business management or marketing, i've always liked this field cause we study something that effects the core of every country cause the world revolve around trade and it allows you to establish international contacts and seeing opportunities. Far from my studies, i have a black belt in KickBoxing, I'm a moroccan national champion in MuayThai and i train little kids from my neighborhood, and i'm also an artist, but here in morocco you can't make a living from this and i've always wanted more, that's why i want to finish my studies abroad to get another view of life and opportunities, get experience and be the best at what i do so i can return to my country and use what i learned to help a lil bit, But it's not that easy for me to go abroad, cause i need money for the visa fees and because i don't have anyone in Germany to sponsor me, i need 10000£ blocked in a german account for one year and  a half and another amount of money to pay my living expenses, books, clothes and semester fees so they know i can take care of myself there, because The Universities allow students to work just 20 hours per week in order to leave enough time for academic study.

so please if you read this and you find it worth to donate for, don't hesitate to make my dream come true.

Thank You