Kamala Kaftan

by Naina Bajaria in Berlin, Berlin, Germany

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Sustain and develop its current form with artisans around the world

by Naina Bajaria in Berlin, Berlin, Germany

                                   Kamala kaftan 

                      ~ Be guided by the Explorer within ~

Kamala kaftan is a movement, born from the realization of possibilities that come with the love of life and adventurous travel.

Its primary form is currently materialized in ethical, slow-fashion feminine design, embodied in unique garments and accessories handmade in India and Bali. This is the result of two year’s sole dedication and own resources by its founder. 



Kamala aims to support smaller factories and suppliers where the inspiration for the brand first flowered, and ensures transparency and sustainability in the fabrication of each garment, from the sourcing of textiles to its hand-made, zero-waste production done by local artisans.

We are a (currently very small) group of volunteers, lovers of life and creativity, who want to take it to the next level, and we are here to welcome YOU to become part of the Kamala movement:  

Kamala wishes to enlarge the team so as to be able to:

1) Sustain and develop its current form with the current Artisans 

2) Engage in more Art projects that will support more craftsmen and women around the World.

3) Launch/expand the Kamale line as a men collection: we wish to give back to Men as it was their strength and encouragement which helped the creative female energy to materialize as Kamala Kaftan.

Our purpose goes further : not only do we want to achieve the above,  but we want to fully dedicate to and support community-based programs, such as Children Camps, Exhibitions and other events which convey true values to the communities we can reach. We aim to achieve this through our talent pool in the countries we are currently present, and through the amazing souls who will be joining the Kamala Movement. 

The Funding Requirements are basic as to make 2019’s production possible, allowing for the Kamala Kaftan team to solidify.

4) Initiating Kamala Travel:

The idea is to create Kamala Travel as a means to take you to the places where it all started and live the magic.

We want to take you on adventures and give back to the local community as well and provide you with a wide range of opportunities such as:

-  meeting the artisans, select the textiles in the local market, and see your own dress be created.

-  be part of the new campaign by participating in a Kamala photo sessions.

other possibilities would include: expeditions in nature, healing sessions, yoga sessions, art projects, etc.

This is a call out to all who share the belief in the force of unconditional love, in the power of unification of female and male energy.

We are truly keen in the potential of Kamala, and are deeply grateful for any help you can contribute with by becoming part of this Movement. 

...be curious of the unknown,  be love itself, and move through life with grace, elegance and self confidence.


My name is Zsuzsanna Erdos, and I am from Hungary. I have been engaging in movement as the technique of expression and body awareness, through ballet, folk dance, jazz and contemporary dance techniques, since childhood. After participating in basic dance training and in modern dance competitions I started my studies at Budapest Contemporary Dance School. Using my body as a fluid tool of expression became a routine and eventually a source of endless possibilities for experimenting. I studied techniques of noted teachers from different cultures and different methods, and had the opportunity of participating in numerous performances in local theatres and abroad as well, performing each other’s choreographies. 

Through an all-arts project I embraced the idea, that with every meeting of different art fields a new one borns, which is valid in itself, nevertheless none of them is better than the other forms. Thus I was introduced the Japanese dance theater technique: butoh and to the routines of circus: acrobatics and hula hoop, with their limitless possibilities for tricks. At the same time I’ve been asked to join a fire dance company, where as performers we gathered countless experiences.  

During high school I got certified as a sivananda-yoga teacher, as I realised that if we use our bodies as an instrument throughout our daily lives it needs to be nourished. Yoga is the perfect therapy for dancers and athletes, who use their body extensively. After high school I founded my own contemporary dance company, where consciousness, togetherness and the truth of different aspects were played out with five, well-known local choreographers, for years. Our studio found its place in the artist house of Budapest, where I started to discover the realm of teaching yoga and began to choreograph. After 2 years of teaching, choreographing and performing successfully I wanted to push myself out of my regular reality, I started to focus on yoga more and more, and I felt  the distance between the origins of that knowledge and my own Eastern-European experimentations. So I listened to the calling of India. It became a longer journey than expected. This trip transformed into a lifestyle. Into a journey about searching and finding. If you find answer to a question, the other question will come up, and it continues on and on. 

My past in the dance-theatre and as teacher had been replaced by anthropological quest, studying the teachings of ascended and randomly chosen masters. I began to realize that yoga was a journey as well, not a destination. Yoga, in the form of existing in nature, is as valid as being completely transformed during lectures. Being a student, a teacher, a performer and traveller became my ultimate way of life. As I had to take care of the finances while travelling I sought out opportunities to perform in various places, from small local schools to luxury hotels. Meanwhile I got into the art of documentaries and photography. I’ve always been drawn to tribal lifestyles as well as the ancient traditions, making filming an important tool for me in searching for a deeper truth. I’ve performed, studied and taught in India, Australia, Bali and in several European countries. 

When performing I invoke the element of fire to open the audience to the impact of the yoga-dance-nature trio. I consider it important to perform in diverse places, to diverse communities: from the streets to the most distinguished milieu, as a way of learning. I teach my own techniques formed through experiences. These techniques are in a continuous progress and change similarly to nature and human beings. The base of stretch-in techniques and roots yoga is the learning of relaxation, hatha-yoga, the joy of being in the present and the proper use of one’s body. The rest follows. 

Since the age 17 I’ve been organizing camps for kids, with the growing feeling that for us “adults”, the joint experience of liberating body and soul, is therapeutic as well. Thus this is what I build my practises on. 

During my travelling, experiences i had luck to see in every type of subculture. As a sensitive women being always seek for what is the dress what is the form of wearing what helps the most brings out our inner goddess. How I see now, the kaftan is what can be liberating for any kind of cultural,believes, body forms,short or tall womens. My dream is to bring out in every women free spirits and souls. I hope I can help them to be more powerful so than i become a founder of KaMala Kaftan. A new page started:) 

My name is Naina Bajaria and I am from the UK. I met Zsuzsanna in Bali back in 2016 where she was at the beginnings of Kamala Kaftan. My background is more within the health industry with my first qualification and study in pharmacy. However, with my Indian roots and interest in Eastern philosophies, I felt to take the idea of health further into a more holistic perspective. It is here that I ventured into the sciences and techniques of yoga and ayurveda. After gaining qualifications in both of these areas, I have started my own work in Naina Ayurveda, which is a space for me to express my insights and connect with others that are interested in taking this path of converging the eastern and western philosophies for a more expansive and conscious way of living. After launching the YouTube channel Naina Ayurveda, I have seen that there is a great interest in these sciences and I hope to take this further. 

I have spent a lot of my time travelling and training in India. It is here where I gather much inspiration for my creative side. For me, the journey of yoga is to enable yourself of limitless possibility. This means that you have the power within you to create and express ideas and visions that are beyond the repetitive patterns that societal pressures can sometimes place on us. 

I am collaborating with Zsuzsanna and joining her on this venture with Kamala Kaftan to grow and evolve the brand with my knowledge and experience of ayurveda. 

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