Kaïra Kunda Farm to Table Restaurant

Kaïra Kunda Farm to Table Restaurant

Embark on a real African safari! You'll hunt for eggs, catch fish, and forage for fruits and vegetables at Kaira Kunda Farm2Table restaurant

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A Dream

After a final sunset swim, you follow a sandy trail from the beach through the filtered light of an enchanting tropical forest. The salt scent is replaced by frangipani flowers; pink, white, and purple bougainvillea vines illuminate your path. You come to a grove of orange, mango, papaya, and banana trees where you can pick your preferred fruits for fresh juice or a smoothie. As you relax in the cool of the evening, you gaze from a gazebo into a garden bursting with ripe tomatoes, plump green peppers, tall yellow corn, winding squash, and prickly cucumbers. Baskets woven from palm fronds are placed at the edge of the garden.

Photo by Kris Dreessen http://www.krisdreessen.com Photo by Kris Dreessen http://www.krisdreessen.com

When you've finished your drink, you may pick kale, spinach, beans, even beetroot, for a salad. Making your way past raised beds of vegetables, herbs, and tubers, you can fill your basket until you reach the restaurant, where the chef is eager to transform them into an Afro-Euro fusion that will delight your palate and appease your appetite.

Photo by Kris Dreessen http://www.krisdreessen.com

Kaïra Kunda, 'House of Peace,' will serve as the Casamance region’s first permaculture farm-to-table restaurant. It will nourish both body and soul; your dinner is a reward for supporting a healthy, sustainable community effort.

A Reality

Hi, folks! I'm Abbie, and today is my birthday. With my husband, Momo, and our friends in Kafountine, we are ready to dig in and realize this dream. We're not asking the earth, just the small chunk offered us by a community member for a fraction of its worth. It has everything we need to get started—a well, water tower, and an established orange grove, situated in a community at the forefront of sustainable change on the breathtakingly beautiful West African coast. Actions like ours will help to keep beach resorts like Kafountine and Senegal as a whole safe, peaceful, and free from health and humanitarian crises. On this St. Patrick's Day, won't you join us in making your world a little greener?