K9 Cuts, for my dad and in his memory...

by liam magwood in Barnet, England, United Kingdom

K9 Cuts, for my dad and in his memory...


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My dad owned a kennels and was a dog groomer or 30+ years and he recently passed with cancer. I have to continue his legacy, please help me!

by liam magwood in Barnet, England, United Kingdom

So my dad was a legend, a great man that did everything for his family and dogs, no matter what!He left  school at 14 and went into construction until he was in his 30's and had a really bad accident, that meant he couldn't be on a building site again. Because o his passion for dogs he was lucky enough to purchase a derelict dog boarding kennels and spent 5 years and all his savings re-building it, as well as training to be a qualified dog groomer. Sadly a year after having his first and only grandson he noticed a large lump on the right side o his chest that turned out to be a cancerous tumour that grew fast and gave him hardly any time to prepare for what was to come... I am his son, the father of his grandson who over the last couple of years has not been able to cope with his loss aside of being a husband, father and passionate dog owner. Our kennels backs onto our house and every week I take my son over to play with the different breeds and the  grooming parlour remains empty like a hole in my heart every time I walk past the door. I've spent the last 15 years working in the city of London but have always been drawn back to the dogs. Needless to say I know my calling, I need to be with the animals and am desperate for a chance to follow in my father's footsteps. I have found a dog grooming course that only takes 4 weeks but it's expensive and I've already gone down every route of getting funding to no avail but I know deep down i my heart THIS WILL WORK and this a massive and largely untapped market where i'm lucky enough to have pooches in kennels waiting to be expertly groomed before they go home to their loving owners when they get back from holiday.  Having been involved and worked in a kennels that his been owned ad operated by the same family for 30+ years. I want to be a dog groomer, just like my dad! but I need some help! Please can you help me achieve my fathers dream??? Who ever donates to this cause will get free dg grooming for life!! here is our website: http://www.oakcottagekennels.com/  and this his who it's all for.........

Let's make 'K9 Cuts, for my dad and in his memory...' happen

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