3D scanner to take my business to the next level !

by James in Ipswich, England, United Kingdom

3D scanner to take my business to the next level !
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3D scanning will dramatically cut down the time to make a pattern from which I can make a mould to make more creative parts and designs

by James in Ipswich, England, United Kingdom

1600933967_eec363ac-d7b4-4569-97cc-380edb59c4cf.jpegThis is a pattern I have made of a BMW engine cover to be made from carbon fibre all my own design made from blocks of foam, body filler, time and trial and error, meaning lots of fitting and refitting to ensure correct fitment of the finished part.

A 3D scanner would make this pattern making part of the process quicker and easier and a lot more precise. Once the scan has been taken it can be over laid with multiple scans giving an accurate rendering of the geography within the working area, meaning mounting points and available working space can be imported into  Computer Aided Design software ensuring that parts fit perfectly within the given space and locate accurately on fixing and mounting points.


 This opens up endless possibilities  for creativity and innovation and once the drawing has been created it can be sent to an engineer who can machine it from  high density model making foam meaning time can be used in the process of actually making carbon parts from finished moulds or visiting customers.

The 3D scanner would give me the freedom to travel to customers homes or places of business and take a scan of the vehicle or parts to be worked on, resulting in minimal inconvenience and a much more enjoyable process meaning customers are more likely to undertake a bespoke one of project than they might should I need to have the vehicle or parts in my possession for an extended period of time.


The 3D scanner could also generate income in its own right from projects such as reverse engineering parts, drawing them in Computer Aided Design software to be delivered straight to the customer who can then take them to there own engineers for machining in the metal or materials of there choice.


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