Help torture survivors access justice!

There are 100's of torture survivors in the UK. They are refugees, or Britons who were tortured when living or working abroad. Your support will help to: fund our in-house lawyers; help get medical reports; help file claims in the courts where the crimes took place or before regional and international courts and help progress investigations and prosecutions. Our work is in demand and we need your help to keep up!! See some of our successes here:

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Who we are:

REDRESS was founded by Keith Carmichael, a Briton who was brutally tortured in Saudi Arabia while he was working there in the 1980’s. After his release and return to the UK, he founded REDRESS to help torture survivors seek justice, no matter where the torture took place or who was responsible. REDRESS is a small team of committed lawyers and human rights activists. We are based in London but we work globally. In 2010, we won a prestigious MacArthur Foundation award for creative and effective institutions.  

What we do:

- We help document what happened to the survivors. We get medical records, psychological reports, and find all the details we can about the torture and who was responsible;

- We develop a legal strategy and put it into action. We work with people in the countries where the torture took place, and try to progress criminal investigations and other claims for remedies

- If its not possible for a case to proceed domestically, we bring cases to regional courts like the European Court of Human Rights, and the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights.

Our successes:

We have had successes! The work is hard and can take a long time, but as a result:

- one of our clients who was raped in a homophobic attack in Greece, was awarded 50,000 compensation by the European Court of Human Rights

- another client, who was tortured in Chile during the Pinochet regime, just won his case before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. The court ordered Chile to compensate our client; to make sure he gets the medical treatment he needs in the UK and also to progress the criminal investigation into those responsible for his torture

- in another case, our client, a British humanitarian aid worker who was raped by the military in Egypt, complained to the Parliamentary Ombudsman about the poor consular support she received; her case was a catalyst that led the Foreign Office to change its policy on consular assistance in rape cases. 

Where will your money go?

Money will go to support our UK casework programme. The costs of our caseworker, the costs for specialist medical reports, translation of documents and related costs to progress the case!

We thank you in advance!!