Justice For Sale: Surviving Discrimination

Justice For Sale: Surviving Discrimination

I am raising money to fund my litigation costs. There is evidence the other party are being protected by those whose impartiality is relied

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I am raising money to fund my litigation costs. The products sold were not as specified on my contract. The extension was not build in accordance to the contract. I believe I was sold ex-display products of unknown origin/counterfeit, which I believe were removed from a showroom that had closed down at the same time I entered into contract. The building works carried out were extremly substandard. Due to financial difficulties, I have been representing myself in court and have suffered horrendous bias, racial bulling, racial discrimination, harassment and sexism. I applied for the case to be moved from the County Courts to the High Court due to these serious issues, however it appears the situation has got much worse. There was an attempt to suppress my evidence from the start. I believed by being in the High Court, I could have some protection. Unfortunately I have been debarred from using my most crucial evidence. I believe this is meant to protect the claimant and to advance the claimant case, at the expense of mine. I have so far managed to fight off false witness statements and other potentially biased  witnesses. There is written evidence that the claimant were indeed looking for a "hired gun".  I have raised very serious issues with the current expert  joint surveyor, however he has continued to openly flout the rules of impartiality. I believe he is well aware that he is well protected. Due to the recent events where I was treated like a second class citizen, where I was stripped of my evidence and dignity, which raised laughter; I am now in a position that I can not fight this type of racism and discrimination without the services of a solicitor and a barrister. It is very sad that the claimant has already admitted liability but I believe they  have continued to be given a platform where they could use racism and discrimination, rather than to enter into meaningful negotiations with a black female litigant in person. I feel violated.  I feel ashamed. I feel deeply embarrassed. This is not 1916 but we are in 2016 where I have recently been stripped of my right to a fair trial by removing my crucial evidence. The people concerned are able to buy justice and they believe that they are above the law. This crucial funding will help pay for legal fees so that I am able to fight this most destressing and degrading injustice, all the way to the EU Court if necessary. This type of discrimination can not be fought behind closed doors. This type of discrimination is devastating. This type of racial discrimination needs to be fought with the contempt it deserves.  

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