Justice for disabled mugging victim Gloria 78

by Mike Ala Brighton in Stanmer, England, United Kingdom

Justice for disabled mugging victim Gloria 78
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This page has been set up as a result of kind people wishing to donate to my mother (and father) after her mugging yesterday.

by Mike Ala Brighton in Stanmer, England, United Kingdom

This page has been set up because of the huge response to my Facebook post detailing how my mother was mugged in broad daylight at midday yesterday in a busy high street despite being clearly elderly, frail and disabled.

Both my parents have welcomed the kind, positive, supportive and encouraging comments that have flooded in both yesterday and today. Neither of them have internet access so they cannot respond directly however my Mum has asked me to thank you all.

However in addition to everyone's warm comments, it has become very clear that many people wish to donate in order to replace her pension and Christmas money which was £100.

I haven't said a word to her about this because I know that she wouldn't accept anything, however, if we can raise some money before she finds out, then perhaps we can give them both a wonderful Christmas present they'll never forget.

The police are currently working on the case and they have strong evidence from CCTV so far. The Argus has also been in contact and will hopefully give this some publicity. 

I have added a copy of my original post below:

A heads up to anyone out and about in London Road today around 11:45.

My elderly disabled mother was mugged in the bus stop opposite the coop by a couple of low life's and had all of her pension money stolen and a little extra that she had saved to buy Christmas presents for the kids.
She is on constant oxygen, is clearly disabled and in her late seventies but these scumbags couldn't care less.
When I reached her the police had already arrived and I saw her she was still in a very dis-stressed state even 45 minutes after it had happened.
In her current condition the stress alone could have killed her.
This woman has never hurt anyone in her life and never has a bad word to say about anybody. She is a well known figure in Brighton and has a lot of friends.
If anyone was at the scene when this happened and took any mobile footage could they please let me know, so that I can forward this on to the police.
My father, who is 81 was in a shop next door at the time and didn't see it happen, but when I arrived he was very traumatised by my mother's condition.
Apparently there were two of them. One had said something to her a few minutes earlier whilst she was in the bank next door. Then whilst at the bus stop another person stood next to her and the person she had seen in the bank asked her a question to distract her. The other thief then grabbed her bag, took out the purse and ran off.
Other people at the bus stop with her, saw it happen and were very helpful and sympathetic to her which is a credit to them.
The police told me at the scene, that they think they know who the perpetrator is so hopefully he will be brought to justice soon.
I will be keeping a close eye on this case. This is yet another example of how these scumbags operate freely in Brighton and subject innocent victims to abuse and violence.
This has got to stop. It could be you or any other vulnerable person tomorrow.

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