Justice for Luke

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Justice for Luke

Luke our much loved friend was murdered in Berlin. This page has been set up to support his family & to help Luke get justice.

We did it!

On 24th Nov 2015 we successfully raised £20,493 of £20,000 target with 346 supporters in 56 days

Luke our much loved friend was murdered in Berlin. This page has been set up to support his family & to get Luke the Justice he deserves.

There are two parts to this funding request, firstly this is to help reimburse Luke's Parents for the cost of the funeral & Repatriation. To fly Luke home has already cost £4,000, and Luke was extremely popular, so we are expecting alot of people from all over the world to be attending his funeral. (see below)

In addition to this, all of his stuff still remains in Berlin and will need to be sent back to the UK,that will probably include 50 pairs of trainers, 50 coats to match his trainers, and all the other random stuff only a man can accumulate.

Secondly & most importantly, this funding request will be to used get justice for Luke, by enabling Rita and Phil to fly to Berlin, attend court, hire a Lawyer and stay in an Hotel for the duration of the case.

If you knew Luke, and havent been able to write a message to him on his Facebook wall for whatever reason, please leave one here.

The funeral has been confirmed: 14:40 Friday October 9th, at Manchester Crematorium, M21 7GZ, & afterwards The Didsbury Pub, Didsbury.  M20 2SG.

Anyone needing accomodation, please search in the M20 area. 

Any overfunding will be donated to ARC charity, a charity Luke was passionate about (http://www.artsforrecovery.com/).


This page will be updated as and when we have more information on both the case. (last upadted 03/10/2015)


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