justice for jack.

justice for jack.

To raise enough funds to help jacks mother look & care for her son full time, without the worry of loosing money from not being able to work

We did it!

On 2nd Jun 2017 we successfully raised £30 with 3 supporters in 56 days

so the project.. 

 My name is Danielle, I'm 25 and have a son of my own who is three. I am trying to raise funds for this family as I feel this is something close to my heart, having a child already you can only imagine what this family is going through. 

A little bit about jack.

Jack hasn't had the best start in life with having major operations at only 4weeks old, going In and out of hospital, trying lots of different types of medicines in his only three years of life and for the foreseeable future.

Jack was induced at 38weeks as the doctors knew something wasn't right, as soon as he was born jack was put into the special care baby unit and was diagnosed at 18months old with Cornelia de Lange syndrome on top of this jack also has a bad case of epilepsy. Jacks medication doesn't control his epilepsy and they are still finding a medicine to help him. 

To try give jack a normal life of a three year old, his mother gemma tried to put jack into nursery but because of his epilepsy no nursery staff have had training in this and because they live in bridlington the NHS won't fund epilepsy trained nurses for the area. This means they would need to uproot a family of 5 or put jack into a private nursery costing them around £1200 a week.

Gemma and her partner have another two children and find things extremely difficult to do normal day to day things with. Jacks mum is currently on sick leave from her job as jack needs 24/7 hour care. If gemma quit her job she would loose around £600 a month and only getting minimum benefits for jacks condition. 

I'm looking to raise £7200 for gemma and her family to help them get by the year without gemma having to work and worry about money. Please if ur effected by this like I am donate a little. ❤ 

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