Justice for Gary in the Pandemic of Prejudice

by Gary Southgate in London, England, United Kingdom

Justice for Gary in the Pandemic of Prejudice


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A true story: what if you were disabled, nobody diagnosed you, your Partner's Mum died of cancer and then the System decided you were mental

by Gary Southgate in London, England, United Kingdom

I am writing this Christmas on behalf of my wonderful boyfriend, Gary Southgate.  Yesterday, on Christmas Day, we received the most unwelcome Christmas present from the brave paramedics on the frontline of the Covid pandemic, that Gary has recently had a stroke, as we long feared.

Nobody listened to Gary his whole life.  He did not go to school and he had no privilege.  He has a learning disability.

So when my Mum died, my GP decided that Gary was mentally unwell.  That was untrue, he was just overwhelmed.  Since then Gary has had a really tough year.

Recently he was sectioned again, this time on the advice of a Receptionist whilst waiting outside at the same GP surgery.  What followed that was abominable.

Gary got so upset that he ended up having a stroke at the mental health facility.  This was covered up by the heavy handed staff and Trust management and I was not allowed to see or speak to Gary.  They confiscated his phone on the grounds of "duty of care".  They did not even let him fulfil his basic legal right to have an explanation for why he was there or the right to legal representation.  He was too upset to understand.  He spent three weeks there without even access to a shower, bath or hot water.

Once he was discharged we visited five hospitals but nobody took us seriously.  Having exhausted all avenues a very nice lady on 111 asked the paramedics to come over to do a covid check and it was only then that we learned Gary had a stroke and it was clearly being covered up by people who do not want to lose their privilege or position.

Disabled people's rights need to be respected.  An undiagnosed disabled person who receives no treatment is a vulnerable person.

Gary is not a victim, Gary is a SURVIVOR!

Be kind.  Have compassion and empathy and help Gary get some justice.  After all, it is Christmas!

ps Thank you so much to LIDL & LGBT+ Galop for being the only two organisations who believed in is and supported us!  Everyone else who we contacted, you are on notice ....

Let's make 'Justice for Gary in the Pandemic of Prejudice' happen

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