Justice for children's future in Britain

by Future for Children of Britain in London, England, United Kingdom

Justice for children's future in Britain


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My daughter was unlawfully removed from me by City of London Local Authority via cruel Family Court judgment. As example,I try to correct it

by Future for Children of Britain in London, England, United Kingdom

I am an innocent mother accused of coaching my 4 years old daughter against her father. My case is very complicated thanks to the fact that Social Services at City of London (where I live) and Brent (where my ex live) claim, then deny, change and twist own statements to their one and only final purpose - to take my child away from me.

In August 2018, to my shock, they succeeded.

I will not tire you here with all sorts of mistreatment I went through by Social Services and also the judge, not to mention my ex whom was drinking heavily. It is clear to all willing to see that due to my poor English at the time, I have been mistreated and abused, not to mention my poor daughter, whom was dragged forcefully away from school in emergency procedure to her fathers sister house by social services. This lady lives 5 minutes away from my ex, she whom had to go on holidays in a few days, so child was given to the father, father she will not draw in any picture for reasons only the child can explain.

I ask, where is the justice?! What was that emergency?! Social Services tried everything, even locked me up in a room on day of emergency trial in a bid to prove I'm mentally ill (I shed a tear when I realised my Legal Aid solicitor is lying to me).

I will talk to you about my case in detail if you contact me, I am looking for support to solicitors/barrister fee as when I represented myself for Judicial Review, my emotions went into the way. They claim that the case isnt of public matter importance. I disagree. I believe every child under City of London authority, Brent Authority and perhaps others I dont know about, is in danger now if this is the way they deal with cases such as mine. I am looking for rehaul of the social workers powers in Britain, which were given to them recently- their powers are such that circuit judge cannot question their decision. I ask, what is Family Court for then, if a judge cannot express his opinion by law?

I am looking into reinstating Human Rights into Family Courts procedures as in my case, these were totally ignored and I dont understand why. In a bid to help myself I found out, horrified, that there are many similar cases, and even long term fostering and forced adoptions are a norm in Britain?! This isnt normal nearly anywhere in the World! Normal, law abiding citizens loosing their children into adoption, foster parenting (what you, tax payers are paying for)! 

So please do support my case in a bid to stop children being used in this way. I will try my utmost to change this so if you care about future of British youngsters, please contact me on this platform

Let's make 'Justice for children's future in Britain' happen