Investigation on Sheffield SEN Provision

by Sparkle Sheffield in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

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To Investigate the State of Special Educational Needs in the City of Sheffield and the experiences of Disabled Children and their Families

by Sparkle Sheffield in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

IT'S TIME FOR PARENTS, CARERS, RELATIVES, FRIENDS TO STAND TOGETHER! (Feel free to add your #justatenner photo to the comments below with your own stories)

Have you and your child or a member of your family, young person or vulnerable adult with special educational needs had a really hard time getting an Educational Health Care Plan or other SEND provision or service in Sheffield?


Maybe you’ve gone to a meeting about your disabled person and your voice wasn’t heard or ignored?


Maybe your Disabled child, young person or adult is so unhappy in there learning environment that they come home upset, angry and distraught?


Perhaps your child, young person is not even in school or college and has been out of education due to their needs not being met  or perhaps they have been officially or unofficially excluded ?


Has your disabled person been let down in Sheffield in relation to SEND services?


Have you given up work to care for them or to home school your disabled person because an SEND Department didn’t allocate the right provision.


Do you or does a member of your family or carer looking after a Disabled person feel completely worn out and at the end of your tether with trying to access the right provisions?


If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then this independent investigation into SEND in Sheffield is for you.


All we families with Disabled children need is just 4500 people to give just a tenner or more to this initiative.


The money raised by you as parents/carers , grandparents, aunts, uncles , cousins or friends of a Disabled child or a family with a Disabled child will kindly support this vital initiative and will give to us as a group of parents whohavegone through /are going through (like you and yours) what can only be described as being nightmare experiences, enough money for us to commission our own independent investigation into the experiences and challenges of having a Disabled child in Sheffield, which will not focus just on our children, but Disabled children and their families experiences of challenge.

An independently commissioned investigation conducted by an expert, credible and independent entity will bring to fruition much needed independent robust, ethical and unbiased and unfettered scrutiny and will expose in the public domain the findings along with any ensuing recommendations that might arise for required changes in  Authorities, which might include for example Sheffield City Council’s SEN Department, Schools and other services.  


This proposed investigation, with its terms of reference will leave NO stone unturned! 


It will be thorough and it will be the REAL truth as told by Disabled children and young people and young adults, their parents/carers, family members and others who know the real lived experiences of Disabled children and their families in Sheffield. It will embrace positive and negative experiences. 


Most importantly to - 




Let’s make our collective voices heard for the sake of Disabled children and their families in Sheffield in order to make things better now and for future years to come. 

Disabled people, Parents/carers, families and friends are stronger together and for just £10 or more if you can spare it, you could make a difference for your precious child, your family and for YOU and others to


4500 people is all it will take and you will all have had the power to REALLY get your voice heard.


So pay #justatenner or £10 for each of your children’s voices or give as much as you like! 


The quicker we raise the money the quicker the investigation gets going.


Sheffield’s Disabled children, young people and young adults, their parents/carers, families and friends through this vital  proposal are saying:-


Enough is enough and are standing strong, standing  firm and STANDING TOGETHER!


“ We as parents of Disabled children were promised by Sheffield City Council, after the Ofsted and CQI Joint Inspection an independent investigation that would be completely independent of Sheffield Council staff and politicians but just days after this being promised to us it was taken away from us by the Council.

We brought to the Council’s attention examples of the harm done to our children through not only the failings of SEN in Sheffield but by the appalling attitudes and behaviours of staff towards our children, us and even advocates in the City. The plan the Council produced to address the Joint Inspection ‘recommendations’ does not include addressing so many serious abusers and failings and it is clear to us that it is a means of covering up what’s been happening with the plan being to make it look like things ate getting done and the old chest-nut of ‘lessons have been learnt’ when all along it is not the case. We have three Disabled children with multiple complex conditions and needs and it has been a living nightmare just trying to get them what they need and are entitled to in Sheffield. I have had to go to Court twice for two of them and am on the road to going to Court for the third one as well. We see all around us families in similar challenges, battling from birth right through to 25 years of age and it is never ending. This should not be happening to our children nor anyone else’s children. That’s why the Just A Tenner campaign is needed so much as even though our experiences are getting ignored by the Authorities, we have the chance to get a fully independent investigation which will make sure the burying of realities will stop and our stories and yours too will be told.”

“ I am a Granny of two Disabled young people. My daughter is at her wits end by what the system and its paid workers are doing to her and her children and it is unbearable for us as a family to. My daughter has asked repeatedly for an investigation at the highest level into how SEN, Schools, and Child Social Care have been treating her and her children. Even putting it in writing but it just gets ignored. One of my grandchildren has been out of Education for over two years and was in the wrong provision before this that was causing him loads of harm for example, he was anxious and having meltdowns going to school, smashing his head against school concrete walls in great distress, to the point of hurting himself, because it was to sensory for him. For to safeguard him, we as a family had to make the decision to ask for him to go to a new school but ever since, its been hell with EWO’s Headteachers, Social Workers even refusing to accept official medical Diagnosis and instead blaming his mother for his condition and her children’s meltdowns when they won’t go to appointments that she and we cannot physically cannot drag them to these either. The line in Sheffield is to keep stalling children and families from getting the right help they need and to instead put the onus on parenting and sending parents to Council run parenting classes when what is needed is the right access to the right resources and the right Disability help at the right time. Nobody knows what its like trying to bring up Disabled children in this City unless you have a Disabled child and no one knows just how hard it is on top of this trying to get the system to do what it should be doing in the first place. That’s why I as a Grandmother am giving £40 to the Just A Tenner Campaign for my daughter, my grandkids and for every other Disabled child and Family in Sheffield, Nothing will change unless we make it change ourselves. The CQI and Ofsted Inspection was over 6 months ago and nothing has changed”

“ I went to Court for my son and in front of me the Council promised that they would follow through on things agreed in the Court. After Court they’ve not done this. If the Courts can’t compel Sheffield to do what they need to do who can?

Getting the final reviewed EHCP with the amendments we agreed in the Annual Review has been long drawn out and after months upon its still not properly sorted “

“ My husband was dying and I needed some support for my Disabled child so I could get up to the hospice in an emergency to be with my husband but it was a living hell and in the end my husband died and still what had been promised never turned up”

“ My Child has multiply Disabilities and yet has had his DLA completely cut”

“ It is only a matter of weeks before my child is due to go to Secondary School and leaves his Primary School, and even though he has an EHCP he still has not been allocated a right school for him. Everyone says and knows he needs a Special School placement but the Council are saying he has to go to a mainstream school even though his needs are such that he could not cope ion the mainstream. We are having to go to Court with only a couple of weeks to go to try to get the Council to see sense and to right by my child’

“ I had to remortgage my home to pay for assessments and legal advice to get what my child should have always been getting ion the first place”

“ I had to go to the First-tier Tribunal to make an Appeal, against a Council decision and their lead manager was ringing me up near to midnight threatening me and putting pressure on me to back off- I went to Tribunal and won and would not want others not as strong as me to have to go through this.

I asked for an investigation at the time and this was not followed through by the Council.”

“ There is not a day goes by hardly when I am not being called into school because of my child having a meltdown. I’m called into calm him. I’ve had to leave work and we are on the breadline because of it and still the SENCo in my son’s school is saying she won’t put my child forward for an EHCP because she says #she has been told by the Council that she shouldn’t because the Council want a reduction in applications coming through.

There are very Disabled children in my son’s school, like him without an EHCPO because of this and they are all getting harmed”

“ In the Court, it was as if the Tribunal Panel were paid staff of the LA, the way they were helping them to re-write the flawed EHCP , which even after Tribunal still hasn’t been put in place despite all the promises given by the LA that it would be”

“ You ring up, because deadlines have been missed and you get promised people will ring you back but they don’t and so it goes on”

“ It took it out of me having to go to Court against the Council to get the right school for my son, we got into debt and I ended up having a nervous breakdown and haven’t been able to return to work since”

“ My child was given unofficial exclusions by her primary school and even expelled from her primary school for going into meltdowns because of inconsistencies in staffing with agency staff coming and going”

“ The Council staff want to know more about the advocates when they visit our children to do educational assessments than about our children I.e. how much do we pay them, what do they do etc. Complaining about them advocating for our children and us as parents”

“ My children’s respite has been cut and its made our lives so much harder and instead of helping due to the loss of the respite we’ve been told that parenting classes would help us instead and fill the gap!- unbelievable, what our children need is respite and we need a break”

“ I was told that I could not have for my child an EHC Needs Assessment or Plan until my child was over 5 years of age and that this was the law. When my child got to 5 I was told that he needed to do 3 terms in school before he could even be considered for these things and now after the three terms I’m still being told, that in Sheffield he won’t get one and that the Council line is that 80% of Disabled children will be forced into mainstream with My Plans and that my son is to be one of them. The SENCo in my child’s school told me that. I’m at the end of my tether”

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