Just William's Luck at the Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Shedload Theatre are raising money to take their stage adaptation of 'Just William's Luck' to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

We did it!

On 24th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £960 with 23 supporters in 56 days

****We are at £1500 due to the cheques and money received in person****



East of England's Shedload Theatre Company returns to The Edinburgh Festival Fringe with a re-imagining of Richmal Crompton's classic creation. 

However, we need just a little bit of help from you to help us do these characters justice. 

We want to bring these stories to a new generation and invigorate a true English classic for all. 

So come and join us on this jolly good adventure. 


"I wrote a play once and people acted in it, but they forgot their parts, so it didn't come to much, but it was a jolly fine play all the same"  

William Brown has been a part of so many childhoods, he's an everyman figure in so many respects, an alter ego to some or a devilish dream to others - he represented a plethora of different things to those that loved him and his misadventures. 

For us, at Shedload Theatre it is the unrestrained imagination, adventure, and wonderment of childhood - as well as misunderstandings! William and his friends are the epitome of time gone by? No. Their hands on approach, that passionate entrepreneurial spirit, unity, and well-meaning enthusiasm is something we want to celebrate in this show.  

We have adapted Richmal Crompton's only full-length William novel and taken it just a little step further, in a move that we think, encompasses the true spirit of the characters. 

Our story takes place as a "play within a play", William and the Outlaws have set up a theatre in the old barn and announce that they will be presenting their adventure. They're acting out the characters, they've made all the props and of course, Violet Elizabeth wants to play too...

Framed by extracts from the original text (read by an Outlaw or two) The heart and vitality of the stories will remain central of course. But we want to bring in a fresh and dynamic energy with elements of physical theatre and a childlike manipulation of the world around them, using whatever they've been able to find (or "borrow") to help create their story. Their colourful characterisations are weaved in with live music and Foley effects, all performed by the actors on stage that will ensure there is never a dull moment when William Brown is involved. 


"I always have jolly good plans... well, the ideas are alright but people sometimes mess 'em up"

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the world's largest arts festival, thousands of acts from around the globe converge during this one month to perform all over the city. It's a brilliant opportunity for us to showcase our work to as wide an audience as possible.

True to the ambition of The Outlaws we will be performing on every day of the festival (4th - 28th of August) at 10:50am in The Iron Belly at Underbelly, Cowgate - a disused bank vault with an arched ceiling. It has exclusive 60 seat capacity which is perfect for our more intimate barn setting. 

We know these stories have a wide fan-base and the name recognition alone will hopefully bring us in those already familiar with the books; but we are not satisfied with stopping there.  We will be working hard throughout the festival to bring our show to anyone who will listen, even those who haven't picked up one of William's adventures in their life. The Outlaws and our team will be on the Royal Mile every day, armed with flyers, sandwich boards, posters, and banners - doing everything they can to sell out their show. 

- and maybe even right a wrong or two?


"Huh! Grown up's are always grumblin' about things costin' so much - an' still they're makin' us go to school! Seems batty to me" 

As you can imagine, performing at the Edinburgh Festival is not exactly cheap. We have started this journey with money raised from some of our previous shows; and much like our heroes - we are being as resourceful as we possibly can, but we are still a long way off.

We want to be as transparent as possible with this campaign, so you know exactly where your money is going. Here is a rough breakdown of our costs 

Accommodation - £4200 - Accommodating a cast and tech team of 8 will be the most expensive part of the fringe and we would love to be able to cover this cost. 

Venue - £1000 - The month at The Iron Belly, Underbelly Cowgate. 

Transport - £600 - Van Hire, Fuel

Print - £500 - Posters, Flyers, Banners

Costumes - £350

Set and Props - £200 

Contingency - £500

Fringe and Underbelly program - £900 

You will have noticed that these do not add up to the total £6000 we are asking for, but we will add stretch goals to accommodate if we are lucky enough to meet our target. 


"I'm sick of bein' a saint. I'd sooner be a pirate or a chimney sweep any day" 

We will of course be incredibly grateful of any help you can give us -but- in return for your generosity we have put together some rather enticing rewards. These include "Outlaw badges" which are unique to each level of pledge and exclusive to this campaign. Although you've got to move quickly if you want to snap up any of our truly rare and novel offers.

- after all is giving really its own reward? 


Shedload Theatre is an innovative theatre and production company founded in 2014. Our portfolio is chiefly comprised of highly-inventive adaptations of literary works, both past and contemporary, all of which cover a wide range of genres. From Enid Blyton to Jack London and H.P Lovecraft, we aim to breathe new life into old classics and reignite the imagination of a new generation. 


You are all jolly important to us and we really don’t want to hide anything from you. If you have got any questions about our crowdfunding efforts, our adaptation, or Shedload Theatre itself please do not hesitate to get in touch.

You can contact us by dropping an email to shedloadtheatre@gmail.com or alternatively visit our website at http://www.shedloadtheatre.com/welcome.

Shedload Theatre would like to thank the Richmal Crompton Estate for this exciting opportunity, Ben AE Filby for his continually stunning designs and, of course, the wonderful Martin Jarvis (OBE) for inspiring us and for his generosity and support towards our venture. 

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