I am raising money to start a project which is going to help all the local shops such as: Off licences, Delicatesse, Winery, Farms etc.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


Since all the small shops are dying, thank to the multinational, I thought to give voice to them and the possibility to grown their business.

Start to think local and start to buy from them.

It will help the economy of the small council and in the same time it will help the community.

I am italian and I always go to visit the small and local shop to find the best ingredient. I prefer to buy from them instead of buying from the big multinational shops.

I will provide the same technology that other big company are using to sell food online.

I will provide to the local shop a software where they wil have a own page to insert their products and offers.

I will take care about the customers needs.

I had this idea because I read an article in the newspaper. It said the the small locals shops are dying and I realized how the neighbourd will be dark without the little shop in the corner or the countryside will be empty without all the farms.

Making them important again, it will help our future!!!

I will use the money to buy the technology which is really expensive to run it smoothly and to spread the idea all around UK.

I will create apps for mobile and a website for all the shops.

It will be great for all the people which have problem of moving from home, giving them the possibility to have what they need straight away without waiting one day or hours.

The local shos can delivery their products very quick and a short time.