Just a Little Kindness

by Jodie Claydon in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

Just a Little Kindness
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To help support the true everyday heroes in their own lives that we never hear about

by Jodie Claydon in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

I am a small time self employed person who has the amazing opportunity to work for some truly inspirational people. 

My main aim is to raise money to help support or pay for the items these people need to be able to function and have a quality of life. Anything beyond that to go to more families that need help.

I see everyday that for the average person whether they are old, young, disabled or not that when crisis hits that they get isolated and abandoned. Some of these people have put so much in to their communities or have helped in wars or have given up their lives to support others in theirs and I can no longer stand by while they are left with nothing or options that will ruin their futures.

So if anyone can help to raise money to buy some time with a speech therapist, a hoist, some additional care or just some peace of mind that would be fantastic!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart x

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