Just a decent, used car for our family

Just a decent, used car for our family

Family of 7 with extra needs children needing a car to make our lives a bit easier.

We did it!

On 1st Jan 2017 we successfully raised £110 with 2 supporters in 56 days

We are a family of 7. 

We have one child diagnosed with ADHD, one with sensory issues we are trying to work out and one going through assessments for ASD. 

My husband works awkward shifts in London so isnt around as much as we would like because of that and his travel time.

We live in Milton Keynes where it's really difficult to get anywhere if you don't drive and because of this, we can't get our kids doing extra activities to help with their needs and things in general because I can't be in a million places at once. 

We are going on holiday next year and I need a car to drive where we are going for that too because, as I'm sure you can imagine, paying for 7 of us to travel on the train will be much more costly than petrol there and an 8/9 hour journey with lots of stops, our amount of kids as well as their extra needs isn't going to be very fun. 

We are saving what we can but it's not going to touch the amount we need. I'm doing my lessons now and will be ready to test soon but all our money is going o making sure I pass right now so we would really appreciate any donations towards this from any of you kind people.

Any donations towards our car would really help just make our lives a lot easier.

Thank you for reading ☺

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