Junior Ninja

We're raising funds for a 2D mobile game called Junior Ninja! Our aim is to enhance the player experience by improving the graphics quality!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

FIND US ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/SBS.JuniorNinja.getnedtospace

We are Stealthy Badger Studios:

We are planning on creating a mobile game for the Andriod and iOS platforms as a free downloadable game with micro-transactions.

We are looking for funding to help us licensing for audio and an artists/animator.


Junior Ninja is a 2D platformer game in which our main character, Ned, is in training to become a qualified ninja. To do this, his Sensei has set him a number of tasks to test his skills and assess whether Ned is worthy of the title of ninja!

Ned will need to navigate his way through a number of levels, collecting coins and completing set missions from his Sensei. These vary from defeating all enemies, reaching a certain location in the level using the environment and his insane ninja skills. Be warned, his sensei is very demanding!

You will take control of Ned and guide him through his trials! Move Ned left and right through the environment using the tilt controls of your mobile device. Tap the screen to make Ned jump and swipe left or right to throw your Shuriken (or Ninja Stars) at the enemies.

On Ned’s journey, our ninja friend will travel the world and fight all kinds of foes! Join Ned on his quest to become a true ninja!


Tilt to move!

 Tap to jump!


Swipe to throw Shuriken!


Currently have a prototype for the basic controls of the character and collection of the objects on the screen. Next stage of prototyping will be throwing shuriken and killing enemies! We are also currently working on graphics for the character and environments.

PLANS FOR THE FUTURE:We would like to include many different environments for our players to explore as Ned the ninja. Blocks of levels will be grouped together into chapters that will occur in different locations, allowing different scenery, props and enemies to be integrated into the game. Planned locations so far:- Ninja training ground-Seaside/Pirate Ship-City (Discussing the possibility of different cities, such as London, New York, Sydney etc)-Jungle-Arctic-Space (give a ninja a spacesuit and he can fight aliens)-Underground (in a cave/mineshaft & possibly something resembling the London Underground)-Underwater (still debating how this would work)

In each of these locations there will be different types of missions that Ned will need to complete before moving to the next stage. The types of missions he could undertake include:-defeating all enemies in a level-retrieving an object in a level without being detected by enemies-collecting all coins in a level-getting from point A to B without being detected-getting from point A to B

All of these missions will aim to test all the skills needed for a ninja.

There will be power-ups available for Ned to use, dotted throughout the levels and can be carried over from level to level. These will be activated by touching the icon for the power-up on the screen:-Shuriken are limited, use them wisely! Pickup will give a player +3 shuriken (not a power-up as such, but still a limited collectable item)-Teleport: allows the player to move Ned to another point visible on the screen.-Invisibility: allows the player to sneak past enemies without being seen.-Speed Boost: faster navigation.-Sneak: similar to invisibility, although he can be seen, he cannot be heard!

Other power-ups are still under discussion. These will be introduced to players in stages, so that they are not overwhelmed. We want to allow the user to be comfortable with the amount of new features they can use while the difficulty is increased level by level. These power-ups will also be available to buy through micro-transactions or from collecting enough coins within the game itself.





The team are mainly programmers, as students of Computing with Games Development. While we are able to create/find art and sound for the game, we would like to enlist the help of a professional artist and sound designer to bring our game to life.

If we’re lucky enough to exceed our target of £2,000, we would also like to use the money to buy professional licenses for Unity, which is the software that we will be using to create our game.