This book is a unique ‘football memorabilia’ by past and present ‘grass roots’ footballers - loving a beautiful game for future generations

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On 4th Apr 2016 we successfully raised £640 with 11 supporters in 28 days


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 About the project - WHO WE ARE & why we need your support

Community Artist Edi Mandala will produce a unique book chronicling past and present 'grass roots' footballers from the past 30 years within Brighton & Hove (city-by-the-sea). This book formats as a 'football memorabilia' - recording and illustrating the passion, diversity, Corinthian Spirit and love for the 'beautiful game'. Not only will the book encapsulate the attributes of the sport, which I believe are a reflection of the sport among people from all walks of life around the world, but also the intention to inspire future generations towards grass roots / park football and healthy lifestyles.

Based on the success of this project, I aim to tour with an exhibition of the produced works and recorded information - something that can be replicated and used to record and provide unique / personalized memorabilia for other sports clubs and groups everywhere.

Edi is Project Leader representing 25 grass roots footballers that have been playing together for 30 years who want to invite experiences of how football is played in other urban / park locations, to document why this 'beautiful game' transcends language barriers and unites communities across the world.

Despite having a 'first team' that is sharing resources - comprised of volunteers offering skills in proof reading / editorials / photographers / historians and archivists - we have struggled to find adequate capital to print our book.

Those who choose to support us will be uniquely rewarded. Effectively, by crowdfunding us, you will be pre-ordering your own copy AND offered an opportunity to SHARE YOUR STORY & PICTURES about your experience  of "grass roots football" - no matter what skill level or where you are from.

When on sale, the book will retail at around £13.

Check Edi's blog: https://edijaymandala.blogspot.co.uk or Website: www.mandalamosaics.uk or showing 'Corinthian Spirit' on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?V=PWp-e4VqFFE

  What is this project / book about?       

Brighton & Hove is a special place that is rapidly changing, with ever expanding diverse communities sharing in a unique and exciting environment, which we believe offers a potential quality of life that is unequalled.

We intend to promote this city - the parks and recreational grounds where local sports are played and also invite stories of 'grass roots soccer' from other urban areas in different corners of the world.

We feel the time is right for a tasteful, illustrated book that will give an in-depth look into how park football happens here as well as other corners of the world, recorded by 'past & present park footballers' that enjoy sharing in the 'Corinthian Spirit' - doing their best, not for profit or status, but for the sheer love of the game. 

What will it look like?

Our book is to be designed in a distinctive style similar to that of a modern 'football programme' - small enough to fit in a pocket or bag.                                                                                                                                                             Crammed with illustrations / maps / pictorial information / historical archives and original art & portraiture.       A collectable object in its own right, to be viewed and handled as 'personal memorabilia' that you can share with friends, fanmily and colleagues, or as an inspirational item to delight next generation of sporting boys and girls.

         Who will it appeal to?    

Anyone interested in grass roots football, or cares about healthy active lifestyles, or who would like to contribute to publishing personal memorabilia. We aim to appeal to: existing  local residents / visitors wishing to take home unique mementos /newcomers desiring to learn more and be involved in sporting communities. This eclectic compilation provides something not done before.

   What will it include & who will it benefit?         

This publication can inspire the next generation of 'grass roots footballers'that enjoy healthy lifestyles enjoying a beautiful game! We also aim to boost the use of Brighton's beautiful open spaces / landscaped parks & sporting amenities, to improve links between sporting groups as well as promote local businesses and service providers that contribute so much to the development and atmosphere of the city.

So the information in the book will include maps, mixed with historical backgrounds and will be a celebration of the area as a culturally stimulating yet quirky place to live that locals are proud of.

We aim to use local businesses to produce the book whenever possible to keep financial benefits within the locality.                                                                  

The local Community Artist Edi Mandala has been exhibiting and working in the area for 35 years, will be contributing original artwork and portraiture services to the project.

What comes next?

We expect to sell our book with the help of local retailers, with the intention to outreach to attract more sports people / organisations / fans into this "Sport + Art = Community Process".                                                                                             This project has inspired me to produce more publications in the future to promote and celebrate other sporting activities in different environments.                                    

This could lead to sustainable employment for ourselves and others.                                                                                         There will not be a large profit from this project, but what there is we would like to invest in publishing for similar projects that promote healthy lifestyles.




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