Julie - Short Film

by Bel Rickard in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

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We're aiming to raise money for the production of our short film Julie!

by Bel Rickard in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

Based on the real Julie D'Aubigny (or Mademoiselle Maupin), 'Julie' tells the true story of how Julie once rescued her lover, Bea, from a nun convent and promptly set it on fire. The duo then have to flee to escape capture from the police and not everything is as it seems as secrets are revealed. 

The Director/Producer - Bel Rickard

Bel's been wanting to make films ever since she was little. This will be her largest project to date and by far her most ambitious one. She's super excited to kickstart this film and hopefully send it off to some festivals too (ooo!)

Director of Photography - Abbie Rice 

Abbie is the the Director of Photography for this project so all of the films visual style comes down to her. She has always appreciated camerawork and visuals in film and she aims to fulfil this role on the most challenging set she has been on yet!

1st Assistant Camera - Sarah Martineau 

Sarah is our assistant camera and is excited to embark on this exciting historical project! She'll help our director of photography in setting up the camera and making sure we get the best shots possible!

Production Designers - Sofia Parisi and Selina Xinyue Yin

Sofia has been working on various short films as Production Designer and Set Decorator: she absolutely loves creating different worlds and she is really excited about this project where she will also be in charge of costumes.

Selina is a prop maker and costume designer/explorer. She has helped a lot projects as a PD but this is her first time trying historical film. As a production designer in this film, she's looking forward to researching more about what our character’s story and what was the world like in 17th century. Also, Selina will be making her first prop Mediterranean sword for the film.

The visual style of the film is heavily influenced by Julie and what we know about her life story. She was a very adventurous person, but her patience and attention span were very fleeting, constantly moving from one place and relationship to another in quick succession. This has led our Director of Photography to focus heavily on movement throughout the film, so the audience feel like they’re really following Julie along on her journey to save her love interest while also illustrating Julie’s transitory nature. 

The frame of various shots will also inform the audience on the relationship between Julie and Bea as they change and adapt to their surroundings of either comfort or judgement. 

Colour in film serves a very important but often subconscious purpose and we will be focused on the colours we use in the film to make sure they get the correct meaning across to our audience. 

As you may have guessed trying to replicate 17th Century costumes, props and locations do come with a price tag. So a large portion of the money will be spent on production design to make this film look the best it can be. 

Another portion will be allocated to film festivals, and feeding/watering our crew so we can keep them healthy during filming.

Here's the budget breakdown: 

If TL/DR: 

We're making a kick-ass film about Julie D'Aubigny and need your support to make it look as amazing as possible!


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