Julian Dean's Campaign for Shrewsbury & Atcham

by Julian Dean in Shrewsbury, England, United Kingdom

Julian Dean's Campaign for Shrewsbury & Atcham
We did it
On 11th December 2019 we successfully raised £820 with 24 supporters in 32 days

To promote the Green Party message in Shrewsbury and Atcham.

by Julian Dean in Shrewsbury, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

If your support takes us past our target we will make sure the money is used to continue to campaign for Green Party ideas in Shrewsbury and Atcham.

This should be the climate election. The Green Party will make tackling climate chaos priority number one. A Green New Deal means investing in green jobs, clean energy, warm homes and quality public transport that will protect the environment and improve our lives. 

For £30 you can get our message delivered to more than 2000 homes. 

Brexit is bad news for Shrewsbury and Atcham. It means job losses, reduced protection for the environment, and the loss of free movement. We deserve a Peoples Vote on any deal. The best deal available is to remain in the EU. 

£15 will buy enough leaflets for 1000 homes.

Julian will make a clear case against the North West ‘Relief’ Road. Congestion is bad for us all but more roads aren’t the answer. We need alternatives, great walking and cycling routes and a bus service to be proud of. 

Greens have consistently campaigned for two proper general hospitals for the growing and ageing population of Shrewsbury, Telford and beyond. The planned reduction of emergency services in Telford will make things worse in Shrewsbury too. We will deliver this message to every home, with your help.

£10 will help us print around 700 leaflets. £5 will deliver leaflets to all your neighbours and beyond! 

Since 2017 Julian has served as a local councillor, speaking up for local residents and campaigning for a better town and county. In May this year Julian published a 'Shropshire Green New Deal'. We are proud he is our candidate. We ask you to help him deliver these messages.

All election material printed, published and promoted by Emma Bullard on behalf of Julian Dean (Green Party of England & Wales)

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