Julia Turner 'Still Raging Storm' Album Campaign

With the help of her fantastic band, guest backing vocalists and you the listener Julia Turner is recording her second album!

We did it!

On 27th Nov 2015 we successfully raised £3,022 with 96 supporters in 28 days

Help me record my second album of original songs.

The music industry has changed. In the past you had to be signed by a big label but today you can take the place of the record label by pre-ordering my as yet unfinished album so that I can afford to make it. Think of it as giving me an advance. You get an album of lovely music and I get to record the songs that are in my head. It's a win win situation. Photos: Dot Smith 

My name is Julia Turner.

I am a Bristol based musician. When I’m not out leading choirs in this fair city I am writing, performing and collaborating with other musicians. Singing is what I love to do. 

I have a number of songs that people have been asking me to record for a few years now, others that are hot off the press and many, many more lurking in the periphery of my mind waiting to be given the time and focus to properly form. I want to record my next album, in fact I’ve already put a few tracks down but without your help it’s never going to be fully realised any time soon. And I want you to hear it!

Here’s why it’s tricky. The creative process takes time and to get this precious time in a studio with a trained engineer and all that expensive technology is understandably pricey. Asking other musicians to take time out of their paid work to create music that is creatively fulfilling but doesn’t pay the bills is tough. Paying for a stack of CDs to be pressed up front is a big deal. For all these reasons and more it is essential that we raise some money to create this album so that nobody is out of pocket and we can enjoy our music making worry free.

This is where you come in. You wonderful people that support original music by purchasing CDs, coming to gigs and just generally giving your love and attention. I am asking you to pledge what you can to help me and the musicians I'm working with create new music for you to enjoy.I want to write you a poem, sing you your favourite song, write a song about you, perform in your living room or just give you that finished album for you to treasure knowing that you played a part in its creation.

It’s a big project but with your help we can do it!

Thank you!

Here are links to some of my songs that will feature on this album...

Fear of Music (at The Folk House with Annalise Lam, Roberto Nappi and Guillaume Ottaviani)

Still Raging Storm (co-composed with Sunniva Brynnel, played at cafe in Sweden)

Man Gonna Wander (first go at it at home with Vanessa Hartley in 2013)

Stormy Skies (Solo for Harboured Sounds)

Winter song (Originally arranged as a cappella piece for The Eko Trio)


More at juliaturner.co.uk

Here's where you can find my first album...

City Synchronicity recorded in Melbourne in Dec 2012

And here are some of the brilliant musicians who will feature on the new album with me...

Annalise Lam 

                                                                                        Photo: Dan King

Pasquale Votino

Photo: Dan King

Roberto Nappi

 Vanessa Hartley


Sunniva Brynnel

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